Los Angeles, CA— Veteran Los Angeles singer-songwriter and guitarist, David Steinhart has been making music for over 30 years. He founded the band, Pop Art in 1984 and Smart Brown Handbag in 1993 (Both bands still have cult followings).  In 2008 The Furious Seasons was formed and Steinhart was joined by his brother, Jeff Steinhart on upright bass and Paul Nelson on guitar and harmony vocals. (In the past other band members have included Bob Gannon–drums/percussion, Eric Marin–keyboards, Nate Steinhart –guitars, and Ray Chang–violin/guitar/vocals).

As a trio, Steinhart has assembled one of his finest small orchestras in The Furious Seasons. Now Residing Abroad marks a 6th album for the band and a 2nd album for the threesome.  Co-produced with music engineer, Glenn Nishada, Now Residing Abroad consists of 13 songs of acoustic music with folk, pop, Americana and as Steinhart puts it, “kind of jazz overtones.”  The music is easy to listen to and can seem overly restrained if you listen casually, but upon closer listening there is a depth, passion and attention to detail that will draw you in.  Taking a soulful approach to the music Steinhart’s “husky yet melodic” vocals help make The Furious Seasons’ sound uniquely their own.

The band is known for melodic and lyrically intriguing music with a wry wit just under the surface.  “We tell stories, often about Los Angeles and largely about the passing of time,” explains Steinhart.  “Sometimes we get political without being obviously political and almost always framed as romantic songs.”  Steinhart is expert at evoking the eerie realization that humans are ultimately alone in the universe while giving you hope that you aren’t actually alone.  “Expo Line” embodies the theme of time passing and questioning your place in life and in an expanding city. “Feels like the elevator just dropped a dozen flights–Now I’m invisible in the plain daylight”.

“Tethered” is about becoming undone. “The days of relative calm Gave way to a season of storms–With less to fall back on Deposed from our comfortable norms”. The song is also an experiment in timing.  “We tend to play songs in 6/8. It gives the lyrics space to breath and it is just kind of our natural rhythm.  We tried this one in 4 because we just didn’t want to do another song in 6.  We failed,” he deadpans.

The album title, Now Residing Abroad, came from the song “The Loyal Canadians”.  “It’s a play on feeling out of place in your own life, skin and country,” Steinhart notes.  “Ultimately, this is a song about the disappointment and fear surrounding the redefinition of what it means to be American in the age of Trump.  The instrumental piece at the end is by far my favorite minute and a half of music on this album. It feels like the musical manifestation of the coming of the storm I sing about in the verse just before it.”

“The Muse” is a song written by Paul Nelson with a huge lilting chorus and George Harrison style guitar solo. “We did a ton of overdubbed vocals in the studio and made a version with a minute plus acapella intro and two-minute outro.   In the end, we decided that it overpowered the song and settled on a Beach Boys-esque ending.”

The band didn’t play with a click track on this album.  Most songs were recorded live and then were overdubbed only if needed.  It’s obvious on the last track, “Come to LA”.  “The solo parts are considerably faster than the vocal parts” Steinhart notes.  “It’s what I like most about the song.  The song is about the chaos of divorce, so the back and forth seems fitting.”

Now Residing Abroad crystallizes the sound of 3 musicians who have great chemistry and love playing together. Jeff Steinhart played electric bass for 35 years and taught himself the upright 5 years ago as the band became more acoustic. He has now honed his craft to where the bass line “slides in and walks around” as one reviewer stated.  Paul Nelson has developed a style of playing for the trio that produces a sonic tapestry, with interwoven lines and textures that create aching melancholy that is perfectly suited to David Steinhart’s lyric and vocal delivery.  Authentic with carefully crafted storytelling, The Furious Seasons are sure to win over new audiences with their unique sound.

The Furious Seasons have shared the stage with John Hiatt, David Lindley, A.J. Croce, America and Donovan.