Best of 2017: The Mavericks Brand New Day

The Mavericks declared their Independence from Big Machine, loud and creatively clear.   Brand New Day, the debut on their new label, Mono Mundo is fresh and invigorating. The album explores new expansive territory, roaming through the Country, Tex-Mex Rock, Blues and Folk arenas with strong string arrangements and catchy beats. Led by Raul Maulo’s incredible vocals, the depth and emotion in his delivery is expertly backed by the stellar musicianship of the group.

Track List:

1.  Rolling Along

2.  Brand New Day

3.  Easy as It Seems

4.  I Think of You

5.  Goodnight Waltz

6.  Damned (If You Do)

7.  I Will Be Yours

8.  Ride with Me

9.  I Wish You Well

10. For the Ages


~ Amelia Green