Young Magic Album Review: Melt

Coming from New York City by way of Indonesia and Australia, Young Magic’s dreamy chillwave album, Melt, begins with an aptly named track – “Sparkly.”  It’s a nice introduction to the record, with floating drum loops, reverb vocals, and wanderings into places you don’t expect.

According to the liner notes, Melt was recorded around the world in 17 different cities.  The global influences are throughout the record.  “Slip Time” (with its great vocal interplay between Isaac Emmanuel and Melati Malay) sounds like something you’d hear in a Berlin nightclub at 3a.m.  “Yalam” could be something you’d dance to inside a temple in Tepoztlan.  “Jam Karet” is the song you’ll want playing on your iPod while you’re riding the airport shuttle from Heathrow to your London hotel.  It will also make you want to stay in your hotel just long enough to drop off your luggage so you can find the nearest nightclub.  “The Dancer” will seem to be playing from taxicabs everywhere in Rio De Janeiro when they host the Olympics.  “Drawing Down the Moon” would be ideal for a long trip driving across the Australian Outback to Melbourne.

The album isn’t all mellow, trippy sweetness.  There is power here.  “Night in the Ocean” is a perfect example.  It’s layered with strong synths, dreamy vocals, and a sweet ending.  “Watch for Our Lights” is almost something you’d hear on an album by A Place to Bury Strangers.

I think Young Magic could be the next big thing in chillwave.  If you’re into chillwave, or not even sure what it is, check them out.

Photo by Bek Anderson


~ Nik Havert

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