Willie Nelson Month in April at Outlaw

Country Music Icon Willie Nelson will be 79 years old on April 30th and here at OUTLAW, April is ALL ABOUT WILLIE month! We’ll be featuring a Rewind Willie section in our Reviews that will cover reviews and write-ups on Willie’s past albums, and all of our writers will be contributing various pieces on Willie’s concerts, humanitarian efforts, compilation projects, and all kinds of other great articles.

Our Outlaw Magazine Radio will be playing recorded segments from other Recording Artists that will be telling their Willie stories,  or sharing why they love his music.

We’re inviting YOU to participate! If you have a personal story to share about Willie Nelson, send it in!

Here’s some ideas –

1) What Willie’s music means to you

2) The first time you saw Willie in concert

3) If you’ve met Willie, what that experience was like for you

4) What Willie means to Texas

5) How one (or more) of Willie’s humanitarian efforts or activists projects have affected you, or why they are       important to you

Entries can be either a paragraph or a full write-up, word count should not exceed 1500 words.  Submit it to us at AboutWillie@Outlawmagazine.tv.  

In doing so, you’re giving Outlaw Magazine full permission to print these entries. If you’re submitting any photos, please include photo credit. BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME and what city you reside in!

Looking forward to hearing from YOU!!

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