Whiskeydick at Spillway Bar & Grill in Bowling Green KY

I begin by saying a big Thank You to Robert Baxter of Spillway Bar & Grill in my neighborhood.  Robert is stepping outside the ‘boring box’ here in Bowling Green, Kentucky and bringing in some of the very best underground music that’s out there.  VintageQueen54 Videos is very excited to be a part of Robert’s initiative and will be providing pics and video of the fun and great music at Spillway Bar & Grill.  

WHISKEYDICK  is a two man operation that describe themselves “Acoustic metal-neck Country.” How’s that for original? The energetic duo hail from Fort Worth, Texas and forged a musical partnership after leaving their respective metal bands. This is high-octane music, folks.

As for the show WHEW! I told them boys they “make my heart happy” and I meant it, I’ve been listening to them for a year now.

In November 2011, VQ & crew (Wayne & Hobo) made the trip to North Carolina to pick up our partner in crime and ‘tour manager’ Mr. Bandana.

We planned on attending Black Eyed Vermillion the first night, then three Hank 3 shows in a row, and wrap it up with ANTiSEEN on the way home.  That’s a killer road trip and exactly how we like to spend our vacation time.  WHISKEYDICK was touring with and had opened for Black Eyed Vermillion at The Get Down in Asheville, NC.  I was blown away immediately…good music does that to me.  I was lucky to get video that night, but it came out dark.

Spillway Bar & Grill was very receptive to WHISKEYDICK coming to Bowling Green and a gig was set up for Thursday November 1, 2012 during a WHISKEYDICK tour already going on. It’s hard for me to describe these two fellas, Fritz and the Reverend Johnson, except to say they are so very unique, talented, knowledgeable, respectful, and NICE.  I’ve been calling some of their music “acoustic metal” as I know no other way to describe except that we absolutely love what they do and how they are doing it.   It’s fun music that you can’t sit still to.






















In the six years WHISKEYDICK has been together they have released 4 cds and have a 5th in progress.

1.  Rebel Flags & Whiskey  

2.  First Class White Trash  

3.  Drunk As Hell

4.  Wicked Roots

For three hours WHISKEYDICK played their own original music, including “Grave Keeper’s Dance” which is not yet released, “Black Tooth Grin” a tribute song to Pantera, and many more.  It’s hard to pick which one I love most, so I’ve included several songs here. In addition, WHISKEYDICK paid respects to their own heroes by doing an excellent selection of cover songs that blew the crowd away.

1.  “Barn Burner”: WHISKEYDICK original- first song of show…excellent!


2. “Black Tooth Grin”: This is a Pantera tribute, WHISKEYDICK original.  Just before the 3 minute mark of the video, Reverend Johnson takes off on his acoustic doing things to it that no acoustic guitar has ever felt before….Awesome.


3.  “Mountain Town”: A fast paced kick ass WHISKEYDICK original.


You can watch more WHISKEYDICK Videos from this show – and, of course, lots of great live music video on my Youtube Channel. 








For more information on WHISKEYDICK, visit their website and “like”  ’em on Facebook.  



Photos by Wayne Titsworth

Visit: http: www.youtube.com/vintagequeen54

VintageQueen54 (Cathy Pippin) is a proud grandmother of 6 kids, former DJ, and Indie Music Advocate who travels the country filming bands with her partner and photographer extraordinaire, Wayne Titsworth. Cathy & Wayne met and bonded over their favorite artist, Hank III, and are active in the Reinstate Hank Movement. They live in Bowling Green, KY with their dominating dog, Hobo.

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