The Lone Walk


Years ago, in a small town in Wisconsin, I began the Lone Walk.

By the gracious act of my Social Studies teacher (a man who knew I was living on my own and had a life very different from that of my classmates), I was allowed the chance to graduate early from High School, even though my credits were sketchy and my grades were borderline. “Troubled teen” really doesn’t even cover it.

I set out for Nashville to begin my recording career and ended up living with my sister in Memphis, working two jobs at fast food restaurants and playing in a band in the Shelby Farms Park.  But, I went back to Wisconsin at the end of school year to get my diploma with the rest of my class.  I wrote a song for the Graduation ceremony called “Don’t Be Afraid To Walk Alone” and sang it at the piano with all of my heart and soul, despite the fact that my mic was not on (P.A. guy dropped the ball) and my estranged father had shown up in the audience, having gotten around a restraining order. It was a defining moment in my life.  I was isolated in a public space,  singing about taking an alternate path.

Somehow I had known what my life held in store for me, way back then…sitting at that piano, singing about things I didn’t quite understand.  Last night, twenty-odd years later, I wrote a song called “The Lone Walk.”  Same story, different view.

We all have our journey. For some, they have the wonderful privilege of being a parent, being part of a family unit and watching their children grow. They live in secure environments and have strong community ties. All of which have their challenges and lessons and pure joys.

And then there are those that find themselves taking the Lone Walk. Lovers may come and go, but it’s their passionate pursuits of their soul that propel them forward into places unknown. Some are artisans, single parents, musicians, poets, writers, architects of dreams. Maybe they’re driven by a single purpose known only to themselves, or just on The Search.

Both ways of life have their validity, although society tends to shun the lone walkers and dismiss the value of life led outside the norm.

finding the center midst a dream and a lie
between hello & goodbye
& what was and will be
ain’t always easy..
walking alone’s better than running in place
and staring down what ain’t easy to face
is a better way to go
than just living for show….
cuz the night always knows, anyway.

          ~ lyrics from (“The Lone Walk” ) Copyright 2012 Brigitte London

Taking the Lone Walk does not mean that meaningful relationships and true connection does not exist. Quite the contrary. Where the soul leads, we must follow. So here’s to all the Lone Walkers, the dreamers, the drifters. After all, we’re all beautiful parts of one… big…whole.

~ Brigitte London


Brigitte London, otherwise known as The Highwaywoman, is a Singer/Songwriter out of Austin, Texas. She’s a poet, dreamer, crusader. She hosts her internationally syndicated radio show (The Highwaywoman Radio Show) while touring on the road.

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