Random Conflict, Dirty Dee & Sweaty Meat, Murder Junkies

Wednesday August 15th, 2012 was definitely the night to be at the FooBar in East Nashville.  Random Conflict, Dirty Dee and the Sweaty Meat, and Murder Junkies!!!  If you are a fan of old school punk and you didn’t get out to this show with these three kick-ass bands…..you missed out! The three band show was promoted by Casey and Jonathan Feldman.

Random Conflict (Billy Conflict, Brian Conflict, Aye-Damn Jackson) is a band whose members come from Tennessee and Alabama.

Here is video from Random Conflict’s performance:

 Dirty Dee and the Sweaty Meat are high energy punk. They are a fun band, I really enjoyed a female front in this punk band and DirtyDee can definitely handle it!  Members are Dirty Dee (vocals from hell), Spooks Meat (guitar), Coach Meat (bass)  and Meat Bandana (drums).
Note the pic above where Dirty Dee is holding up a raw round steak.  This steak was swinging around on top of the helmet of her bandmate for most of the night.  At the end of the video she is licking her hands…..aghhhh DirtyDee!!!  Check it all out:

Murder Junkies are the reason we made the trip to East Nashville on a Wednesday night.  We found out back in June that Murder Junkies were coming to the FooBar and waited with much anticipation for two months…Let me just say we were not disappointed.  I’ve never seen a show like this one, and you won’t see the entire show on the video….some things are not suitable for YouTube so ya gotta get yourself a ticket and see it live….’nuff said!!  The music was exactly what we expected and more.  Murder Junkies are finishing up a tour, so if you can get to a show ya better do it!!  DO NOT pass up an opportunity to see the legendary Murder Junkies on tour live.











Murder Junkies are a punk rock band formerly fronted by GG Allin.  They are coming up on the 20th anniversary as a band since GG died. Merle Allin, GG’s brother, is an original member and plays bass.  Donald “Dino Sex” Sachs is an original member and drummer since 1990. Benjamin “FC Murder” Bunny is the guitarist and Harold “PP Duvay” Rogers is lead singer.

I had the opportunity to spend time talking with Dino Sex before the shows started, what a privilege that was!  He is a very intelligent, nice man, and told me I would know his life history before he was done talking to me.  We are the same age and both Geminis.

“Murder Junkies Untitled Documentary” is in the works now.  In 2011 the Murder Junkies released their album Road Killer. Get yourself a copy!

Murder Junkies:

By VintageQueen54









***Photos by Wayne Titsworth


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