The Art of Buddy Owens

Photo by Ryan Long Photography

Buddy Owens is one whopping pack of talent. I first met him a couple of years ago when he was performing in a bar down on Broadway in Nashville. He had a great band, but it was his voice that got me. It was clear and strong and traditional as hell. I loved it. He’d throw out some Merle then add in an original and it all sounded better than great to me.

I was there with a friend of mine, (Country star and pride of East Texas) Sunny Sweeney, and we were tossing down beers and having a grand time. Owens called Sunny up to sing a few songs with him, and afterward we were joined by more friends and had (a lot) more beer. We headed back to her house, as she was living in Nashville at the time and working on a new album, Concrete (buy it!).

I was in town for a couple of days and Sunny and I were catching up on a long overdue visit. A few minutes after we got in the door, I noticed this incredible painting of Merle Haggard hanging on the wall. It was so intense, full of depth and detail.  It seemed to come alive, right out of the wall.

“Oh, my God, ” I said. “Who painted that?!!”

“Buddy did it, ain’t it awesome?” she said. (Sunny is a HUGE Merle fan).

“Buddy? The guy we just went to see perform an hour ago?”


And if that didn’t beat all, on the other side of the room was a painting of Waylon that made me sigh, LOUDLY. I knew from the style that Owens had painted that one as well.

I was so moved by these paintings.  And I was doubly impressed by fact that Owens is a visual artist in addition to his musicianship. With his paintings, his technical ability is obvious but what moved me most were the EYES. It’s hard to tell from a photograph, but Owens has a gift of conjuring an energy of the person he is painting. Once again, INTENSE. And so very, very cool.

Here’s some more great examples of his work:

Johnny Cash by Buddy Owens
George Jones by Buddy Owens
Emmylou Harris by Buddy Owens
Bruce Springsteen by Buddy Owens
Don Williams by Buddy Owens
Loretta Lynn by Buddy Owens
Hank Williams by Buddy Owens

I recently asked Owens if he had a favorite painting. “It’s hard to have one favorite painting,”  he said. “I like Merle (Haggard) paintings because he’s my musical hero.”

Owens has been painting for over ten years. I think the fact that many of his subjects are Country music artists allows him to combine his love for music and art in a truly unique manner. He is currently working on recording a new album project with producers Phil O’Donnell and Dan Frizell, and recently had a song cut by Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton called “Red River Blue.”

Visit the Buddy Owens Musician Page on Facebook. 

See many more examples of his great Artwork at Buddy Owens Paintings on Facebook.

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~ Brigitte London


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