Ted Russell Kamp Delivers Strong With Night Owl

Ted Russell Kamp’s new album Night Owl is his best work yet. And that’s saying a lot. TRK is an accomplished singer, songwriter, producer and musician. From his work as a bass player for Shooter Jennings to his collaborations with R & B vocalist Robin Wiliey, his work in music has crossed many boards and shown his talent and diversity. But it is when he offers up his own material that he shines exceptionally, especially with his newest album.  Night Owl is a departure from his previous all-out productions (which were stellar, don’t get me wrong) and presents a more stripped-down and intimate showcase for TRK and his songs. And I love it.

Especially “My Heart Has A Mind Of It’s Own”,  where his vocals cut and even bleed a bit in front of acoustic rhythm and accents.

and it stops everytime you walk in

and it drops its feet time and again

when it falls, it falls just like a stone

yeah, my heart has a mind of its own

These are whole heart-and-soul delivered vocals. Just beautiful.  Another favorite is “Where Out West”, the music flows ala Gram Parsons, TRK’s vocals worn and heavy and full of vision, beauty and nostalgia.   Then there’s “I’ve Been Watching You”, a swampy and sexy tune that once again highlights that voice.

Seriously, this whole album is wonderful. Like the track where Ted takes to his bass to deliver the soulful “A Whole Lot of You and Me” that sounds just like this live performance:


I met Ted at a club in Nashville a few years ago when I was doing a show there, I liked him immediately. We ended up singing a bit together that night and enjoyed some music and some whiskey. I’ve followed his career ever since and I have to say that this album blew me away. I play a track from it in just about every one of my radio shows and I’ve got a strong penchant to cover “My Heart Has A Mind Of It’s Own.”     Ted was on Highwaywoman Radio Show recently and we enjoyed a great interview. Check it out:


You can listen to samples from Night Owl and download the album HERE.  


Ted’s Upcoming Tour Dates:

Apr 17, 2013 Wed    Santa Monica, CA – Witzend

Apr 21, 2013 Sun    L.A., CA  – Grand Ole Echo

May 11, 2013 Sat    Normandy, TN – River Cafe

Jun 14-16, 2013     Rolla, British Columbia, Canada  at Sweetwater Music Festival 



~ Brigitte London

Brigitte London, otherwise known as The Highwaywoman, is a Singer/Songwriter out of Austin, Texas. She’s a poet, dreamer, crusader. She is also the host of internationally syndicated radio show, The Highwaywoman Radio Show)www.brigittelondon.com.

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