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Sunny Sweeney talks with Outlaw Magazine about the exciting year ahead. With a new much-buzzed-about single set for release on June 28th (and album to follow) on Republic Nashville, things are looking good for the East Texas songstress.












OM:  Sunny, how are you adjusting to the move to Nashville? Do you miss Texas?

SS: I am really enjoying living in Nashville. It’s great to be a part of the songwriting community here. There’s so many awesome and talented people here and it humbles you and definitely raises the bar. Of course, I miss Texas on a daily basis, but I make frequent trips home to see my Momma and get my Mexican food.

OM: Your debut album, Heartbreakers Hall of Fame, put you on the map as a real true-blue country singer. It’s pretty remarkable in this day in age for someone with your strong roots background and inescapable twang to have a record deal.  You have a new single coming out soon, tell us about that. 

SS: Yes, I am very fortunate to have a label that lets me be me. I am really excited about the new project, and I think my fans will be pleasantly surprised at how true to my roots I have been able to remain. The new single, “From A Table Away,” is an old-style country song with a bit more of a modern production…. but it’s an old cheatin’ song that’s gonna make you want to drink some cold ones. I’m shooting the video for it on June 15th. It’s going to be like a little movie when we are done that tells the story of the song. I am so excited!

OM: Do you have a name and drop date for the new album? 

SS:  Not Yet

OM: How much of the writing did you contribute?

SS: I co-wrote eight out of the ten songs I recorded.

OM: What’s your favorite cut?

SS: I love them all or else I wouldn’t have recorded them, but I guess if I can only pick one it would be my first single,From A Table Away.”  I am so excited to finally have music coming out!

OM: Will you be touring to support the album?

SS: Yes, Yes, Yes! We will be starting back up here heavy in the next couple of months.

OM:   You’ve been doing a lot of writing lately, and co-writing. Any favorite experiences to share? 

SS: I sometimes pinch myself when I confirm writing appointments. I have looked up to a lot of these writers since I was a kid. My favorite was Pam Tillis. She came to my house and sat in my living room on my couch and we wrote and talked…. it was surreal.

OM: What was it like the first time you stepped on the Opry stage?

SS: My first time was in march of 2007. I was so nervous walking out onto the stage and I felt like I was on a cloud. I made it through  a verse and chorus and started crying…like a baby! I was jumping around and just saying over and over, Oh my God, I’m on the Opry! (laughs) I didn’t think I’d ever be invited back. I thought to myself, Well, that was fun! But then Pete Fisher (the Opry GM) said to me when I walked off stage, “Next time you’ll get more songs”and I said, “There’s gonna be a next time?”

OM: How many times now have you been on the Opry?

SS: I’m doing my 19th show at the Opry on June 5th of this year.

OM: You love classic country. Who has influenced you the most?

SS:  Merle Haggard and Loretta Lynn.  I’m so excited because I am opening shows for Loretta in Oklahoma and San Antonio on June 18th and 19th.

OM: Anyone else that you listen to for inspiration, who reaches in and grabs your soul?

SS: It just depends. But mostly, I get inspired when I listen to Old Country Music. There are a few artists that have come out (since 1960) that are also making real Country Music that inspires me like Randy Houser, Jamey Johnson, Ray Scott, Erin Enderlin, Jaida Dreyer and Josh Thompson.

OM: Who would be your dream duet?

SS: My standard answer. Merle (Haggard). End of Story.


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