Styrovisions by Aric Von

Aric Von is an artist that uses his gifts to create art with such passion, you can feel it. It’s alive. His unique work reveals itself in many forms. Pictured above, Von sets his sights on a piece of styrofoam, but beneath his hands the styrofoam is transformed into a great piece of art. His work is nothing short of amazing and we want you to know about it.

In his work, his great love of music is given in prime examples. This is a piece of Hank Williams Sr. that Von created for Shelton Hank Williams III.

Von & Hank III with his Unknown Hinson Styrovision:

Shelton Hank Williams III:

Here are some more examples:

Von’s Grandmother Ravena Anne Cain:


We wanted to know more about this great artist, so we talked with him a bit to understand the man behind the art.

OM: When did you discover you had a gift for art?

AV: I started creating art in preschool that seemed to stand out.

OM:  What kind of artwork did you begin with? 

AV: I was always attracted to mask making, sculpting, moulding, casting and Monster make-up. I got serious by learning how to duplicate what I saw by creating it out of clay and then making more copies of it at age 13 years old.

OM: So many of your pieces pertain to music, what inspires you to do an image of someone? 

AV: Knowing that the actual person is going to see it and be totally enamored by the art.

OM: What kind of music do you like and are you also a musician as well? 

AV: I like music that gives me goosebumps. I loosely play the guitar and drums in a non structured way that makes me feel free and not bound down to all the processing steps of my art.

OM: Do you have a ‘dream ‘piece’ in mind that you have not yet attempted? 

AV:  That dream is in someone else’s head. I see myself as a medium of imagery for other people so I can help them bring their images to life.

OM:  How can people get in touch with you if they would like to order one of pieces..and do you also do custom made work and what are your requirements for taking on a custom piece? 

AV: All Styrovision does not have a pre-made inventory. All pieces so far we consigned by business, celebrities, storefronts, food chains, fine resturants and Stage & Movie productions etc. My requirements consist of the following:

1) I will not infringe on other people’s copyrights.

2) My minimum price is $200 and the final rate is based on size and content of the image.

3) I also require patience from my patrons because I am an artist and I usually have a waiting list for my work and I won’t sacrafice the quality or integrity of my images.

To order a piece of my work you can drop me a line  on my Facebook page, Styrovisions by Aric Von, and I’ll contact you. Please be sure to leave me contact information.  (Serious inquiries only).

Von has created work for many celebrities and charities, some of which he donated. There’s a long list that includes Shelton Hank Williams III, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Unknown Hinson, Gordon Ames (Big G) of The Real Deal, Hank Williams Jr, Phillip H. Anselmo, Turner Scott Van Blarkum, Arson Anthem, Guthrie Kennerd, Scott Sturgon, John Rodey (DJ), Toy Run Charity, ALS Star Bennifit Charity, Jeff Phillips and Jeff Phillips Boneless Skateboard Charity Drive.

Von and Gordon Ames (Big G) of The Real Deal:

Here’s a shot of the entire artwork created for Big G (above) of the Real Deal:

You can watch Aric Von create a piece of Styrovision right before your eyes:



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