Snidely Sidewinder & The Unrepentant Uke Boys

Spartanburg South Carolina’s Snidely Sidewinder & the Unrepentant Uke Boys are a band of valiant misfits who have taken to the ukuleles to serenade your ears. The fellas  (with wardrobes reminiscent of Oliver Twist’s nightmares) entertain you with drinking, sing along songs that would likely offend your mother.

Tiny Tim is smiling down from the heavens with joy for the preservation of his favorite instrument. The quartet of Snidely Sidewinder & the Unrepentant Uke Boys is a mustached gentlemen line-up of Joe Mullinax, Ned Barrett, Mikey Reidling and Scott Robbins. A common gig will include cover songs such as Leon Redbone’s  “I Wanna Be Seduced ” (He is the guy who did the Mr. Belvedere theme song on the record), Frank Zappa’s “Dirty Love”, Billy Boyd’s Cowboy Rambler’s “I Can’t Tame Wild Women” and a original song written by the fellas with very suggestive lyrics entitled “Little Ukulele.”  The live show carries a feel good atmosphere equipped with one of the best damn kazoo solos this side of the Mississippi along with tons of shameless self promotion. Hecklers are welcome at the show, but don’t put out what you can’t take back for these wise guys will heckle you back.

The sound of the group is a modern take on a traditional sound in the same disposition as Carolina Chocolate Drops, The Two Man Gentleman Band and Squirrel Nut Zippers. Also, expect plenty of improvisational bits with on-the-spot comedic timing. The four members are all devoted bicycle enthusiasts who promote active living along with outside the box thinking.

Eddie Vedder discovered the Snidley Sidewinder phenomenon and he took it upon himself to record a whole album of his songs with only a ukulele for accompaniment. I recently made a spree to the Music and Arts store in the city of Spartanburg to take a gander at some of the Ukes being displayed to be sold. “We really have been moving a lot of those lately!” I was told by the representative at the Music and Arts store. Historical Spartanburg is home to renowned musicians such as The Marshall Tucker Band, “Singing” Billy Walker (whom penned words to Amazing Grace) and Hank Garland.

Snidely & the boys have now turned out to be the city’s best kept secret. The gang has opened for Katharine Whalen and are regular performers at Duncan Park’s Jam in the Park and The Farmers Market.

Finally, the wait is over for the fellas have released a CD of six songs entitled The Precious Core of My Love Muffin (Has Fallen Away). If you get a chance, go see ’em. The gigs are always an excellent time chock-full of great sing-a-longs and make sure you stick around afterwards for everyone gets a free mustache! Viva La Stache!

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Here they are covering John Prime’s “Lets Talk Dirty In Hawaiian


~ Jason Robinson

All photos and video by Jason Robinson

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