Rodney Crowell / Emmylou Harris Duet Album Coming Soon

Since it was announced last year that an Emmylou Harris/Rodney Crowell duet album was in the works, anticipation of a Hot Band reunion has been building. Harris formed the Hot Band after the death of her musical partner and mentor, Gram Parsons. Crowell and Harris worked together on developing songs for live shows and remained friends long after Crowell departed for a solo career on his own.  Several orignal members of the Hot Band join Crowell and Harris for this duet album, and a release date for Old Yellow Moon will be announced soon. We can only expect that this will be a spectacular collaboration.

Crowell posted this update on his Facebook page Friday, September 7:

Old Yellow Moon, the Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell duet album produced by Brian Ahern is finally finished. I want to give everybody a heads up to watch for Nonesuch Records official release date which I expect they will announce sometime very soon. The CD took longer to record than expected but when you consider the fact that she and I have been talking about making this music since 1975, the end result came about rather quickly. I’m pleased to say that we’ve performed songs written by Kris Kristofferson, Roger Miller, Patty Scialfa, Matraca Berg, Hank DeVito, Lynn Langham, Donivan & Walter Martin Cowart, as well as four numbers penned by yours truly, including “Bluebird Wine.” Along with the likes of Bill Payne, Vince Gill, Steuart Smith, Stuart Duncan, Tommy Spurlock, David Hungate, Michael Rhodes, Dennis Crouch, John Jorgensen, Paul Franklin, Jedd Hughes, Larry Franklin, Reese Wynans, John Hobbs, Marco Giovino and Chad Cromwell, significant musical contributions were made by members of the original Hot Band: James Burton, John Ware, Emory Gordy and Glen D Hardin. For me, the record’s overall tone calls to mind that southern California blend of country music and rock and roll pioneered by Linda Ronstadt, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Gram Parsons and, of course, Emmylou and The Hot Band. Keep an eye out. ” – Rodney Crowell



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