Ray Scott: Rayality

Country artist Ray Scott (My Kind of Music) comes back full force with his new Independent release, Rayality. All original, edgy honky tonk. The album covers humor, faith, love, a touch of politics, and dark nights of the soul – all woven together with his distinct style.  That slow rolling low baritone draws you into the conversation, taking you through the highs and lows of the human experience.

The title track is life from Scott’s point of view….”I know what it’s like to be hillbilly rich, be the king of the road, then get run in the ditch..yeah, that’s Rayality, just look out my window this is what you’ll see, if you walk in my boots, you’d probably throw ’em back at me….that’s Rayality.”

One minute he’s all Authority. The next, searching for Grace.  In “Hell Is Where I’m Headed”  he’s a little dark humor and a lof of sexy, happily headed for hell..then “High Road” has him searching for redemption, a way to get off the road he’s on and “needs to find a side road, pull of and turn around.”  Storytelling in the first person, “Lawman” is intense and evocative…

I was the whipping boy at Henry County High

that kinda rubbed me wrong

Yeah, i learned right quick that punks might mess with me

but they won’t mess with the law

and later..

Some say I like to throw my weight around

yeah, they might call me corrupt

Most folks are meant to live within the law

well, me, I live above..

His storytelling takes a light turn in a song that is already generating radio interest, “Those Jeans.” Here he’s a sorry fella who’s trying to pick up the ladies. This song is guaranteed to make you laugh right out loud and is reminiscent of the humor we’d see displayed from Cash and Waylon from time to time, delivered in Scott’s charming and  self depricatin’ style, which continues on “Grumpy,” and “Gotta Quit Drinkin’.”

Scott gets serious about love on “Never Wanna Be Without You,” and about politics on “Tell Me I’m Wrong.”  “I Love You Both” is a strong love song that hasn’t been done before – he’s singing about loving all aspects a woman who vexes yet saves him. “Keep on, Keepin’ On” is a song for the times. It reminds us despite how hard things are and how much we struggle,  the human spirit is resilient.

All the arrangements throughout are top-notch, skillfully atmospheric and complimentary to Scott’s deep baritone. Strong songwriting, expert delivery, and mass appeal.  Country radio needs a strong dose of Rayality.








~Andrea Fennel


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Andrea Fennel is native Texan who was raised outside of San Antone, and now resides in the outskirts of  Phoenix.  She’s a freelance writer for several music publications.  She plays the piano, saxophone, guitar and cello and enjoys hiking, hang gliding, and certain hippie activities.

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