Rachel Brooke In Five

In Five is a series in which Outlaw asks an Artist five questions about themselves and their music. Here we talk to Michigan singer/songwriter Rachel Brooke.


There has been a lot of buzz lately surrounding the music of Rachel Brooke -especially amongst hard core country traditionalists – and punk rockers. Her haunting and timeless originals are unlike anything out there today. All we can say is we think Hank would have loved her. We sure do.  Let’s get to know her a bit better…

OM: When and where was your first concert appearance? 

RB: I can’t remember when my first concert appearance was, exactly. I’ve

been playing in a bluegrass band with my family for  a long long time,

as well as with other punk/rock bands (laughs). It’s hard to pinpoint it

exactly. Somewhere aboout 10 years ago?!


OM:  What is the country music scene like in your area?

RB: Where I’m from there isn’t much of a country music scene. But if you

look hard enough you can find it! Right now I’m living near Detroit

and there is always a ton of music going on, but not too much Country

music that I have discovered…


OM: Your sound is very unique. And very traditional. Who would you say are

 your biggest influences and why?

RB: My biggest influence would probably be Hank Williams and the Carter

Family. I think I’m drawn to them because they are so simple, but so

profound. I love that.


OM:  Tell us what is happening with you curently…

RB: Right now I’m trying to tour as much as possible! I’m also working on

a new 7 “, called Late Night Lover which has fournew songs on it! I

hope to have it ready in a few months.


OM:  What would be your Dream Gig?

RB: My dream gig would be playing the Ryman Auditorium! I could die happy

then! Also, I would love to sing with Fats Domino. I love him.


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