Polly Punkneck: A Gypsy Punkabilly Breeze

Polly Punkneck stole my heart when I saw a video of her playing the ol’ traditional mountain tune “In the Pines” on acoustic guitar.  Polly is a complete creative sensation layered with textures like honey and burlap. Her vocals are country sweet while her lyric and music combinations are rough, rowdy, and sometimes naturally raw.  She is being hailed as a Punk Rock Patsy Cline.  She is a continuous artistic adventure writing songs, playing guitar, sewing her own performance costumes, and producing art. From Hillbilly Harlots, to Jason and the Punknecks, to solo shows, Polly was born on a stage.

It all started in Wichita, KS where she was born to parents she describes as “festival folkies.” It was a family tradition, since she was a baby, to attend the Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival (National Flat Pickin Championship) in Winfield KS.  Polly was surrounded by music her entire life.  She started performing and singing at church when she was only 3 years old.  By the time she was 8, Polly came to life on the stage of music theater.

Polly has gypsy in her soul and is not fulfilled by just one stage.  I think she craves the experience of every stage possible; and if there isn’t a stage available, she’ll create one. She participated in a two year project recording and performing with the hot Hillbilly Harlots.  In 2004 her travels led her to Hollywood, CA where she met Jason Punkneck in a tattoo parlor.  Through guitars, tattoos and a song showdown, she joined The Punknecks and embraced the gypsy road life in 2005.

Polly and Jason might call Nashville home, but take a look at their rigorous touring schedule.  They have spent the past decade touring around the nation. Continuing to tour with The Punknecks, Polly is also stepping out on her own.  She said she has always written songs.  Polly relates that Jason gives his band members creative control.  She gets to add the backing and vocal harmonies in a way that best pleases her ear and style.  The songs she sings lead on were written by Polly.  Just to show you how much Jason values her lyrics and compositions, he has added her songs on his own albums –  songs such as “Pucker Up,” “One Day Baby,” “Lord Knows,” “Eloped,” “Don’t Call Me Sweetheart,” “Leavin,” and “30 Second Blues Song.”

Like I said, Polly is an artistic voyager. She plans on spending the next decade rendering quality art, music, and videos.  Polly is currently working in the studio on a new album and performing with a kickass rhythm section behind her.  While they are excited, the group is taking their time to make it great.  Personally, I can’t wait to see what Polly Punkneck does next!  I will have the honor of meeting Polly and seeing her perform live when my duo, Babs Martin & Outlaw Haints, opens for Jason and The Punknecks at the Mercury Lounge in Tulsa, OK on June 1, 2013.


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Polly Punkneck “Lovespell” by Vintagequeen54 Videos:

~ Babs Martin

Babs Martin is crossing genres and state lines under a new band name, Babs Martin & Outlaw Haints. She is also the new host of KMW  (Kickass Music Women) Radio. Babs is currently in the studio working on a new CD.  Become a Badass Bandit at http://babsmartin.com/ .

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