Pauline Reese’s New Single “Save Your Breath”

Texas Star Pauline Reese is currently on a radio tour promoting her new single, “Save Your Breath”. It’s an expansion into new territory for Reese, with it’s rocking attitude and catchy rock riffs. Expanding is nothing new for the Texas star, as she’s constantly honing her songwriting craft and growing in new directions, and spending her free time being mentored by legendary songwriters. For instance, Michael Martin Murphy (Wildfire) gifts Reese with books to inspire and they co-write and perform together often, she’s toured and recorded with the great Willie Nelson (Willie and Pauline have a duet on the new album called Trail of Tears) and she cut her teeth learning songwriting from none other than the great Freddie Powers (Merle Haggard).

The new album, Lucky Number 7, was produced by Dwight Baker of Matchbox Studios and is set to drop following her second single release (at a date to be determined).

“Save Your Breath” is full of attitude and sass, and Reese’s usual killer vocal delivery. It also features her rodeo champion hubby.  We love it.

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