Our State Of The Art

Change is the constant anthem these days. It is reverberating all around us.  The old way isn’t working anymore. Some of us believe it never really worked to begin with, but rather it was an illusion that lasted a long, long time. Where do we go from here? I think that is the question everyone is asking themselves. For even though it is obvious things have to change, there is a tremendous amount of fear floating around. Fear – and yes, still Hope.

But can we  overcome the conditioning of society, the media, our parents, in order to be more effective together? Can we really change?

I relate this question to the subject matter of my own heart – the preservation of Art. It is my belief that the disintegration of Art is the breakdown of humanity. Art  (and I am speaking of Art as a whole – basically the integral expression of one’s interpretations brought to life in any shape or form) represents freedom in its finest form. It is the uncontrollable unleashing of individualism.  It is only when we know who we really are, underneath the imprinting that affects us from childbirth, that we can then communicate honestly and effectively with others. This is the basis for harmonious connections.

The problem is that instead of being encouraged to find our own path in life,we are ostracized  if we refuse to follow the status quo or if we question those in authority over us or our country. Most people don’t want to rock the boat – they have enough problems just trying to get through everyday life. But we can’t ignore the inner voices anymore. The ones encouraging us to find our own truth, whatever that may be. The ones calling out to us to take care of ourselves, each other,and our Earth. The ones wanting expression. Expansion. Compassion. Forgiveness. Understanding. Love. We have a fight or flight instinct, if we can just fight the battles within ourselves first maybe we can take on the bigger issues that face us.

I have always said that I believe a song can change the world. This is the reason.  When we operate from a soul level-not from the ego basis, but from our inner core, in an artistic form whether it is writing,painting,even building a home…. whatever it may be, if it is done from the soul, that brings us to a deeper understanding of ourselves. Then we become self-empowered and not dependent on anyone to make our decisions for us and we are no longer controlled by mass consciousness. Then we can ultimately address whatever comes our way with a clear purpose and direction.

There are no concrete answers, only variations on the path to us finding peace and acceptance within ourselves and the interpretations of others. There will be missteps and mistakes for we are so beautifully human. A willingness to try, a willingness to change and reach our highest potential could indeed result in our finest hour.

Some of the most moving songs I have ever heard are raw and imperfect. As humans we are perfect in our imperfection-that is our true state of the Art.

In love and music,

Brigitte London



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