Murder Junkies: A Killing Tradition

Strap in and hunker down, friends and neighbors.

Murder Junkies are no frills punk rock:  vocal, guitar, bass, drums.  No bells, no whistles, no tits on a boar.  All id and no (super) ego, amped up to 11 with the knobs twisted off.  They are shocking, offensive, and undeniably catchy.  Listening to them is akin to perusing the aisles of XXX videos at a truck stop adult bookstore.  With guilty eyes on the floor, you pray you don’t run into your pastor in the checkout line.

Murder Junkies make me question my own moral center.  They are scatological, lecherous, and exhilarating.  They are intoxicatingly vile.

And I love them like a meth head loves the sweet, sweet taste of gun metal.

A Killing Tradition (their 3rd CD) is a nihilist, misanthropic work of art.  It’s like Marquis De Sade’s The 120 Days Of Sodom come to life.  The CD cover is the mass murderer equivalent of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.  A Killing Tradition is crazier than a shithouse rat.  And I mean that as a compliment.

Lead singer PP Duvay growls like G.G. Allin, Dino Sex (on drums) and Merle Allin (G.G.’s brother, on bass) lay down a loose caveman Stooges vibe, and Sonny Joe Harlan strangles his guitar like it owes him money.

They bestow upon us an ocean of misogyny, a paean to a serial killer, an invitation to suicide, a touch of homophobia, a potentially unhealthy obsession with projectile bodily fluids, and a diarrhea of indecipherable lyrics.  It’s like reading the Old Testament.  You may need to take a shower afterwards, but you gotta get dirty if you wanna get right.

Murder Junkies play rock ‘n’ roll cocked and loaded.  Pun intended.  Highly recommended, but you probably don’t want to listen with your parents in the room.

~Michael Franklin


Michael Franklin is the Media & Reserves Specialist at Western Kentucky University’s Visual & Performing Arts Library (VPAL). Michael is also a professional musician and sound engineer. He is currently recording his 6th CD with his best friends Screenlast 6.0 and Audacity Sourceforge. He thinks Iggy Pop is the greatest singer in the history of music. If you disagree, you’re wrong. You better ask somebody.

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