Mandy Marie Luke’s Song About Dave Dudley

Mandy Marie Luke is a singer, songwriter and tele-twanger who lives in Austin, Texas. She was born in Missouri and became obsessed with the guitar from the time she was three years old.  Luke has toured across the USA with her band The Cool Hand Lukes as well as a solo acoustic artist. She can send your heart racing with a wild, high energy amped-up performance and killer guitar licks. She can also rip your heart out with gut wrenching lyrics and beautiful vocals on her acoustic side.  If you haven’t caught Mandy Marie Luke live, if you get a chance to in the future, don’t pass it up. We have a video of her acoustic live performance at 11.11.12 at Uptown Marble Theater in Marble Falls, Texas here, filmed last November. 

For Trucker’s Month here at Outlaw, we are featuring her song, “Dave Dudley” from the album $600 Boots.  If you don’t have the album, you can click here and add it to your collection.

So, what made Mandy Marie Luke want to write about Truckin’ song King Dave Dudley?

“I grew up on Route 66 and there’s a fairly famous truck stop (the Voss Truck Port) right up the road from my folk’s farm, ” says Luke.  “When I was a kid playing guitar late at night, I’d have my amp real low so I wouldn’t get in trouble for still being awake at 1:00 AM on a school night…and wouldn’t you know it, at some point my Fender Vibroverb would pick up somebody’s CB radio and there would be trucker lingo BLASTING out of my amplifier, wakin’ my parents and scaring the holy shit out of me!

My Dad was a truck driver and my Mom traveled with him the entire time she was pregnant with me, so I guess traveling is in my blood, born to see the world through a windshield. My mom would run in screaming at me to go to sleep after the CB bursts and my dad would just lean through my door frame, grinning, and tell me to put the guitar down until tomorrow. I’d usually sleep with my Telecaster next to me and hum all of those guitar lines Gene Moles laid down on the Red Simpson stuff until I drifted off to sleep. Trucking music, especially trucking GUITAR, has a VERY special place in my heart. That song is a little tribute to it’s influence on me and my hometown.”

Here’s the album cut of “Dave Dudley”:


And here is Mandy Marie Luke performing “Dave Dudley”  on the WDVX Knoxville Radio Program, The Blue Plate Special:

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