Lonesome Liz: West Nashville Waltz

Lonesome Liz & The West Nashville Waltz

with Cameron Bentley (guitar), Eric Mellencamp, (vocal input), Mary Leland Wehner (tamborine and commentary).


Some true stories are best sung.



LONESOME LIZ: West Nashville Waltz


Cameron Bentley (guitar), Eric Mellencamp, (vocal input, lol), Mary Leland Wehner, (tamborine and commentary)


I was tired of hidin’, tired of fightin’

with the volatile kin of Jesse James.

I decided to call on a Senator’s daughter;

though it’s really not like me to complain.


She came right away, took me out of Kentucky.

She said, ‘Come on, you’re goin’ back to Tennessee.

I ain’t left yet and I tell you, they’re lucky.

This town’s full of outlaws but they sure needed me.



I haven’t slept since I got to Nashville.

There’s a man from Memphis sittin’ by me.

I ain’t got nothin’ but more time to kill.

There’s somethin’ about nothin’ that’s just fine with me.


They don’t call my name, they just call me ‘The Outlaw’.

They were right about that, what I didn’t tell

is Cookeville’s County attorney was plottin’ my downfall.

I was wanted for raisin’ ten kinds of hell.


Cookeville ain’t Nashville and I had to get there.

Wish’d I could call my Daddy but my Daddy’s gone.

There’s a whole lot of things in life that just ain’t fair.

There’s a whole lot of things that can really go wrong.


I somehow got through it without a bench warrant

with help from a posse and a good attorney.

I’m back to West Nashville ballrooms and a house I’m sure’s haunted

and there’s a man from Memphis sittin’ by me.


I forgot to mention the Diplomat’s daughter.

She’s pretty as springtime in Tennessee.

I keep tryin’ to warn her ’cause I think someone oughta.

She’s in over her head but won’t listen to me.


She’s kinda tortured and she’s kinda quiet.

She’s kinda like you and she’s kinda like me.

If she needed a drink, well I guess that I’d buy it

but what she really needs is to leave Tennessee.


I’m tired of endin’, back to the beginnin’.

There’s a man from Memphis sittin’ by me.

Glad I didn’t go to jail down in Cookeville.

This towns full of Outlaws but it sure needs me.

~ Lonesome Liz

Lonesome Liz is an Outlaw Country and Blues singer/songwriter, (http://lonesomelizmusic.blogspot.com). She lives in a corner of Near-Nashville Kentucky she’s dubbed “The Land of the Outlaw Amish.” Always creating in one form or another, Lonesome Liz is multidisciplinary Artist and Mulitmedia Producer. Add Lonesome Liz (Elizabeth Bissette) on Facebook.

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