Jubal Lee Young: Take It Home

 Jubal Lee Young grew up in the throes of the Outlaw Country era.  His mother was an accomplished songwriter (My Oklahoma-Terrye Newkirk)  and his father, recording artist Steve Young, (Seven Bridges Road & Lonesome On’ry and Mean) was a pioneer in the stylistic sound that combined rock, folk, and country that would shape the whole movement. Jubal’s upbringing with his father’s music, and in some cases around other legends (Waylon Jennings, Townes Van Zandt) gave him a reverence for the music of that time and the qualities they embodied.  “Take It Home” speaks as  an homage to his roots, his father’s music and to the legacies of those he respects, while revealing Jubal’s enormous talent.

The lead track nods to Waylon in a great rockin’ cover of “Just To Satisy You.” He has the same driven energy in “There Ain’t No Outlaws Anymore” where he denounces all the wannabe outlaws coming out of Nashville.  He’s soulful, but he’s pissed. And it works. Really, really well.

Jubal can turn light and upbeat without hesitation, as in the very catchy “Neon River,” a song for his favorite Texas town, Houston.  More fun abound in the humorous “You Only Call Me When You’re Drunk.” (Many of us have been there, right?)

Honoring papa Young by recording two of his songs on the album, Jubal does an outstanding rendition of “Renegade Picker” (the title track to his dad’s first RCA album),  a fun, rebel rousing tune. “Hey……(his voice soars as he hangs on the word) .. I was born down in Dixie, I grew up in the south, listening to good music, that’s what I’m all about…”  It moves and you’ll move happily along with it. The other is the strong cut, “Riding Down The Highway.”  Jubal belts it out here with soul and grit in a resounding anthem for the life of a musician on the road.

When it comes to the ballads, JLY has got this, too.   His strong, emotion filled vibrato draws you in as it’s ringing out the heartbreaking “Don’t You Dare Love Her,” -a warning that when a woman says she’ll run, she means it, and “Angel With A Broken Heart” – a story of a heartworn musician. The intense “Why Does It Always Rain?” is a standout track with so much potency, you’ll want to play it again, and again.  The gentle and very beautiful “Good To You” let’s a woman know she deserves so much better than what she’s been given. This song shows yet another side of Jubal’s versatile interpretations, and the delicacy in which it’s delivered gives it a quiet, resonant power.

This album is one of the best I’ve heard all year.  It covers every aspect of human emotion. Flawlessly. Take It Home. You’ll love it.

Listen here and Download TAKE IT HOME

~Michael Ross


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