JP Harris & The Tough Choices: I’ll Keep Calling Album Review

If you like your country music  pickin’ up Dudley and winding down Haggard, then JP Harris is your kind of fellow. He’s only a whipper snappin’ 29, but damn if he don’t have that old school honky tonkin’, lay on the horn blasting, truck drivin’ sound. His new album,  I’ll Keep Calling, (from Cow Island Records)  is burning up ears all across the Roots Music community.

Although he’s relatively new at songwriting, Harris wrote all 12 songs on the album and every track is a a good one.  He’s been on his own since he was a youngster and living life on the edge of the highway curves instead of down the straight line of convention has given him the insight and hard worn authenticity that makes good country music. Harris has been working the new album hard, touring all year long across the country and building a strong following for his honky tonk gospel.

I’ll Keep Calling makes a definite stance for Traditional Country.

Starting out taking “one for my heartaches and two for the road”, Harris kicks off the album a-two-steppin’, with his straight forward baritone resonating authoritatively as the steel guitar swells sweetly in and around his phrasing. Tasteful guitar work that knows when to lay back and let vocals shine are another plus, especially on “Take It All” where Harris reveals more depth and pain in the timbres of his voice.  The guitar knows when to rock it too, as in “Gear Jammin’ Daddy,” where Harris holds his own up to any truck drivin’ song you have ever heard. His voice can bend to any occasion,  bleeding out heartache or slammin’ swagger.  Another standout track, “Just Your Memory” really gets to the country bone. Finding this album is like discovering solid country gold.

With such a great breakout album under his belt, it will be exciting to see what this newcomer will turn out next.

Listen HERE and BUY it. 


Track Listing:

1. Two For The Road

2. Badly Bent

3. Take It Back

4. The Day You Put Me Out

5. I’ll Keep Calling

6. Just Your Memory

7. Return To Sender

8. Shake It

9. I’m Stayin’ Here

10. Cross Your Name

11. Gear Jammin’ Daddy

12. Take It All


~ Andrea Fennel


Andrea Fennel is native Texan who was raised  in San Antone, and now resides in the outskirts of  Phoenix.  She’s a freelance writer for several music publications.  She plays the piano, saxophone, guitar and cello and enjoys hiking, hang gliding, and certain hippie activities.

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