Johnny Pabst

“My shows are drunken, soulful and honest. I sing from my heart and let my lyrics speak for themselves. ~ Johnny Pabst

Psycho-A-Go-Go Records is home to many impressive Psychobilly bands but is also home to Outlaw Country Artist Johnny Pabst.

The seeds of music were planted in Johnny Pabst at the tender age of five years old. He grew up near Round Rock, Texas. His mother was very involved with church and the young Outlaw would do solo performances at church events, funerals, and weddings. It also helped that his Aunt Kay (who went to UT ) was a Choir instructor and was always getting Johnny and his cousins (her children) involved whenever possible.

Fast Forward to Johnny as a teenager, where he discovered Punk Rock and that steered him onto a whole new path. He formed the group Waste of Space, which gave him the opportunity to write his own songs as well as learn about drugs and other fun recreational teenage abuses. Bouncing around though all of these experiences, and all the while playing all genres of music, he searched to find something that would allow him to explain himself.  Johnny now lives In Austin, Texas and has begun to get his Outlaw Country start at the Inn Between Bar and finding other gigs that let him play his own songs.

“He has been around the scene for a long time,” says Keith Slye of Psycho-A-Go-Go Records. The trademark Pabst Blue Ribbon has become his logo and he credits David Allen Coe as his main influence.  A short time ago, I got to listen to a few of his tracks that were recorded Low-fi.  They were very raw, real and not overproduced like everything else that comes out these days.  “Devil in Tight Jeans” and “Long Way to Hell” were the Low-fi tracks I previewed. Both were your bonafide honky-tonk songs that let it be known that the Austin Texan is the real thing. I really respect that his music is at its rawest form and very true to what he is living. I understand he is to enter the studio to record his solo album and sure hope it doesn’t take away from the style.

“I found Johnny Cash, hank Williams, Hank 3, Merle Haggard, and my personal hero David Alan Coe. This fucked me up. I never realized that there were real country artists who knew what drugs, booze, and heart ache can do – not only to you mind but to your body and soul.”  -Johnny Pabst-

Outlaw is a lifestyle and one Johnny Pabst has lived. Divorced, homeless and many one night stands later, he is discovering his sound. He has shared the stage with likes of Miss Izzy Cox, Whiskey Wisetales, Josh Lightnin, Robert Alan Caldwell, Dog Bite Harris, Owen Mays, Charles Whitman and the Branch Davidians and more.

Johnny thanks his family for putting up with him and his girlfriend Amber, whom he hopes to be the future Mrs. Pabst.  So, grab you a six-pack of Pabst and head over to

~ Jason Robinson


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