Jezebel Jones Album Review: Queen of the Devil’s Rodeo

I was trying to think of songs about wanting to have sex with musicians.  I can’t think of any.  I think it’s because Jezebel Jones has written one so good (“Music Man”) that any others have been erased from my memory.

She’s good at that – writing songs that make you forget other, inferior songs.  “Post-Rapture Blues” sums up religious intolerance, welfare addiction, and the American love of not taking responsibility for one’s actions and inactions better in one song than a year’s worth of sociology classes.  The title track is a sizzling song of lust for a preacher from a naughty gal who kneels to both pray and, ahem, “serve.”  “Debtor’s Prayer” is beautiful, just beautiful.

The album is full of haunting tracks.  “Juanita” seems part-funeral dirge, part-ballad, part-scary thing you’d hear whistling through the trees as you float down the Mississippi in your canoe.  Speaking of the Mississippi, “Sirens of the Mississippi” pulls you down like the mighty river has done to so many souls (and then spits you back out with shocking guitar at the end).  “The Prisoner” reminds me of something you’d hear drifting from the patched, worn tent even the carnies avoid behind a carnival sideshow.

There’s humor, too.  “Gary Got Arrested” will remind everyone of someone they know – that loveable dude who just can’t stay out of trouble (whether by choice, association, or accident).  “Hollywood Zombies” isn’t really about the living dead, but it is about how the Hollywood machine turns people into shambling, brainless creatures.

I love how the album ends with a song called “Ascension Song.”  It’s as gothic as the rest, but uplifting at the same time.  Ms. Jones wants you to know that it’s important to look up when things look black.  We should all remember that.  With this album, you will.

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~ Nik Havert

Nik Havert is a writer, DJ, harmonica player, martial arts instructor, comic book publisher, crime fighter,music lover, cult movie enthusiast, and modern day Renaissance man.  He hopes to shark cage dive sometime in the next few years and enjoys travel and good natural root beer. Visit his web site at 

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