Jake Martin Living The Cowboy Way

Jake Martin is a young songwriter with an old soul. His writing carries a pureness and a quiet integrity wrapped in the lonesome imageries of the heart of a true cowboy. Born and raised in Oklahoma, Martin now calls Texas his home.

If you have been through Luckenbach Texas in the past couple of years, chances are you may have seen him. Sometimes performing, sometimes listening, whenever he isn’t working or playing somewhere else, Luckenbach is where he’ll be. He’s become part of the fabric of Hill Country way of life. With a polite and respectful manner different than most young men and with absolutely no ego or an ounce of rudeness lingering anywhere in his demeanor,  at first glance Martin seems young, innocent and untouched.  But once he starts singing a song like  “Passin’ Cactus”, “Made To Be Free” or “Buzzards in The Pen”, the soulful depth of his music paints a picture of someone has deep reverence for life. Someone who holds secrets. And in those secrets is a wisdom the listener can only hope to grasp. And like the music of his heroes John Prine, The Byrds, and Townes Van Zandt, Jake Martin’s music is timeless.

The Texas Hill Country has welcomed him with open arms and became the destination instead of a starting point on a new journey when Martin was searching for freedom of expression.

“I graduated Oklahoma State University in 2007, ” says Martin. “I got a job, it was my first corporate job and it really wasn’t for me and I  recognized it right off the bat. About three months into that, I gave it my two weeks and I packed up everything I own pretty much and headed in this direction. It started out as a sabbatical type deal, I was going to start here and kind of work my way west and just explore I bit, I guess. But I got a job off the bat working on a ranch just down the road from Luckenbach and then with the music in the Hill Country, I’m still amazed by it. It’s my favorite kind of music, and I guess this is my home now. I’m happy here, I’m happy with my day work at the ranch, and with the music there are a lot of places to play, a lot of places to express yourself.”

In this high tech world, Martin’s music brings the energy of the Cowboy spirit to the forefront. In the song “A Hundred Years Too Late”,  he points out the beauty of life in a simpler time, and wishes he was alive then. But, then he wouldn’t be in the here and now reminding us of what really matters, when we need it the most.

The new self-titled Jake Martin CD is available at all digital retailers and features all originals. He is currently playing venues throughout the Texas Hill Country and in Austin.

Listen and Purchase Jake Martin self titled CD here

~Michael Ross

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