Big Wheels Rollin’, It’s Truckers Month At Outlaw!

It’s all about the big rigs in April and those who drive ’em! It’s Truckers Month here at Outlaw Magazine. Are you a Driver? Send us a photo of you and your rig and tell us what music you listen to when out on the road. If you’d like to share a road story with us, by all means send it in for submission to or submit it in a message to our official Facebook page.  All submissions must include your name, where you’re from and tell us what music you listen to when on the highway.

Outlaw was inspired to have Truckers Month by our newest contributor, Trucker Kitty. Make sure you keep up with her blogs. We’ll be having all kinds of great features for Truckers Week, including features on truckin’ songs, albums, road stories and a whole lot more.

Catch ya on the flip flop…

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