In Five with Nashville Musician Stacie Collins

Stacie Collins is a FORCE. Armed with a powerful voice, a magnetic stage presence and mean harp skills, Collins is the full, real deal. Her releases: Stacie Collins Self Titled,  The Lucky Spot and Somtimes Ya Gotta… are all stellar packages that are country blues rockin’ soulful honkytonk.

Check out her video for “Tied To You”:

In Five is an Outlaw Magazine series that features five interview questions with an Artist.

1. OM:  When did you begin writing songs and who would you say your main influences are?

SC: I started writing songs back in 1996 with my husband, Al Collins, who is a musician and a songwriter. He has always bounced ideas off of me and, at some point, I started contributing. Turns out I’m good with melodies, hooks and an occasional chorus. I would definitely say Al has had the greatest influence on my songwriting. He knows how to use words like paint on a canvas.

2. OM: What first inspired you to pick up the harp?

When I started singing and performing live in an acoustic duo with Al, I really wanted to learn to play an instrument. Otherwise, I felt kind of naked on stage. My dad played the harmonica, so I thought maybe it might be in the genes. I toyed around with it for awhile but wasn’t really excited about the instrument until I discovered the early sounds of Chicago Blues. Harmonica players like Little Walter and James Cotton lit the fire of inspiration in me. Combine that with a Fender Bassman and a dirty a-static mic cranked up loud and nasty and I was off to the races.

3. OM: What is the experience of touring in Europe like for you?

It’s a dream come true! I used to sit in my room and imagine such things. To actually get the chance to live your dreams and be awake while it’s happening is quite spectacular. But I’d say the best part is getting to travel the world with my man! We meet so many amazing people and get to see and do a lot of fun stuff. The support and love we get from folks both here and across the pond has been overwhelming!

4. Who would you say are your favorite singer/songwriters?

I hate that word singer/songwriter ’cause it sounds so folkie! I’d say a few of my favorite musicians who write are Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Chris Knight, Kevin Gordon, Jon Byrd and Lucinda Williams.

5. Anything coming up on the horizon you would like to share with us?

Lots going on, thanks for asking! Starting in October, my band and I head out for a five week tour of Germany and the UK. While we are out, we are going to film a live DVD/CD over two nights in England at one of my favorite venues called “Bootleggers.” After that, we’ll head back into the studio and record the next record…if I’m lucky and the creeks don’t rise.









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