Holiday Tales from NYC’s Country Musicians

Holiday Tales from NYC’s Country Musicians

Hey folks.  It’s Shannon Brown from NYC country band, Trailer Radio, keeping you posted on the country music scene in New York City! As a special blog post for the Christmas season, I asked some of the NYC country/Americana musicians to share some of their favorite holiday memories.  Below are some awesome tales of unforgettable gifts, family craziness, musical memories and holiday gigs.  We hope you enjoy reading these, and we wish you all Happy Holidays!


ELENA SKYE, Demolition String Band

“One Christmas Boo [Boo Reiners, guitar player for Demolition String Band] gave me a vacuum cleaner. I told him that wasn’t a very sexy Christmas present so he returned it and got me a garbage can (we always give each other our gifts early partially so we can make these kinds of adjustments). A few days later we were at Rodeo Bar doing a Christmas show and during a break Boo gave me a red see through body stocking to kind of make up for the garbage can but I was so mad at him I wouldn’t take it. So he put it on his head and wore it as a stocking cap, which actually worked really well and added much extra Christmas frivolity to the show. Turned out the garbage can really was a great gift. It had a sort of industrial strength lock top which was impossible for my 125lb white garbage-lovin’ German Sheppard to open.”

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ALAN LEE BACKER, Wicked Messengers

“Christmas Eve 1987. I returned to my apartment after seeing “Into the Woods” on Broadway (a present from my mother) to find arrows pointing to my bedroom saying “This way to Santa’s helper”. Following those mysterious prompts, I found my 18-year-old girlfriend of 6 months (now my wife) sitting on a stool in a “sexy Santa” outfit waiting for me! Hard to beat that one.”

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CHET HARTIN, The Buddy Hollers

“My favorite holiday memory is waking up on Christmas day and watching “Rambo First Blood”. When we opened up our presents, all three of us boys got real SURVIVAL KNIVES complete with survival kits in the handle. (much like the one hereexcept that it was camo in color). Now why on God’s green earth you’d give 3 boys under the age of ten a full-fledged 10″ knife is still somewhat beyond me, though I have to admit we sure did have a lot of fun and got a lot of stitches that winter.”

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TORI TURNER, The Grand Prospect

My favorite holiday memory isn’t a single memory; it’s something that happened many times. My parents are both music fans — my dad raised me on the Allman Brothers and CSNY, and my mom always had oldies on in the car — but we seldom all listened to music as a family. But on Christmas, my mom would put on the “A Very Special Christmas” album — you know, the one featuring all the big stars of the 80s. My favorites were the Eurhythmics’ “Winter Wonderland,” the Boss’ “Merry Christmas Baby” and of course Run DMC’s “Christmas in Hollis.” As a kid, I loved that my mom put on “cool” Christmas songs performed by bands that I knew from the radio, rather than the typical classic carols. To this day, if I hear even the very first note of the first song from that record — The Pointer Sisters “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” where they’re all joking and laughing — I am immediately transported back to my parents’ living room in Hickory Corners, Michigan.

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JOE MAYNARD, Maynard and the Musties

“My favorite holiday memory is from when I was living with my rather smart, feminist, art history girlfriend at the time in Atlanta. Her parents, career academics, earnest guidance counselor and psychology teacher in a small, South-Georgia, primarily African-American college arrived at our house a day early (Christmas Eve Day) to brine a turkey, cook side dishes etc. for Christmas Dinner. My dad shows up about 3 hours late on Christmas day with a prepackaged pecan pie he picked up at the 7-11 down the block and his latest wife who was dressed in a Nashvillesque low-cut sequin dress with great gobs of foundation smeared across every swatch of skin, including her prominent cleavage. Oh, take me back to those good olden times, down south in Dixie, flush with the warmth of family around the Christmas table…

I’ve got others I could conjure… let me tell you…”

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SCOTT DENNIS, Dirt Floor Revue

“I was performing at a local venue, The Continental Divide, back in the mid 90’s when the place actually had live music.  It was Christmas Eve.   We had two sets.  I went to the bar for a drink after the first.  There was an old bearded disheveled man sitting there who was clearly homeless.  He told me he was a ‘street poet’ and wanted to know if he could share a few of his poems on stage.  I said sure.  He got on stage, started reciting and acting his poems, which were very funny, when suddenly, he lit up like a Christmas tree.  He was wrapped with lights.  It was hilarious.  Needless to say, he stole the show and made a few bucks in tips.  I went home that Christmas Eve thinking, ‘I love this frign’ town.’ “

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You can hear the wondrous sounds of Scott Dennis on his release Songs from the Homestead or with his band, the Dirt Floor Revue. Learn more about Scott and The Dirt Floor Revue


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Shannon Brown & Trailer Radio!!!

~ Shannon Brown

West Virginia native, Shannon Brown, was deported from WV to NYC on account of her snarky attitude and propensity toward impatience. She is now the front woman for NYC country band Trailer Radio whose mission is to bring authentic twang to Yankee ears. She can’t resist shoe shopping, taking snapshots of crazy NYC happenings, scratching mini-dachshunds, taste-testing martinis around the city, and anything that has to do with bacon.