Goat: World Music

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, all the way from Sweden, Goat and their amazing album World Music.  Trust me, you will thank me for this.

I know it’s a bold claim, but Goat makes bold music.  They are clothed in mystery (and exotic costumes) and reach from their Nordic homeland with spectral sounds to haunt, move, and seduce you.

Perhaps the thing I love most about Goat is that I hardly know anything about them, and that I am not alone in this regard.  I’d heard they claim to be from a small Swedish village that secretly practiced voodoo (which is rock-tastic even if it isn’t true).  Goat doesn’t give much information about who they are, and they always perform masked.  You could be standing in line at the airport Cinnabon behind some of the best singers and musicians from Sweden and you’d never know it.

The album opens with a sizzling instrumental, “Dirabi,” and then rolls into one of three goat-themed tracks on the album.  “Goatman” is part Carlos Santana-inspired guitar freak-out and exotic chant that will inspire you to stomp, shake, and reach out to the full moon in attempts to absorb the same power that affects the world’s oceans.  “Goathead” has some serious guitar skronk, heavy bass and drums, and both female vocalists singing like our lives depended on it.  “Goatlord” is the creepiest of the three, but yet somehow it’s one of the warmest songs on the record.

“Disco Fever” will definitely get your booty shaking, as it sounds like a song they learned from the ghost of Isaac Hayes.  “Let It Bleed” has, as far as I can tell, nothing to do with the classic Rolling Stones album, but everything to do with sexy conga, lovely vocals, and dirty, naughty saxophone.  “Run to Your Mama” will encourage you to do just that, and tell her about this amazing song you just heard and how it made you want to strip naked and dance around a fire while rain poured from the midnight sky above you.  “Det Som Aldrig Forandras / Dirabi” is a great instrumental finale good for meditating or late night driving, but not both at the same time.

Perhaps the best way to describe this record is by mentioning the great quote at the beginning of the album’s fifth track – “Golden Dawn.”  “The important thing is this: To be able, at any moment, to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.”  It sums up Goat’s challenge to all of us – to throw away our preconceived notions of what music is and embrace where it can take us.  Accept this challenge.  Accept Goat.

~ Nik Havert

Nik Havert is a writer, DJ, harmonica player, martial arts instructor, comic book publisher, crime fighter,music lover, cult movie enthusiast, and modern day Renaissance man.  He hopes to shark cage dive sometime in the next few years and enjoys travel and good natural root beer. Visit his web site at http://www.picklepress.net. 

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