Gangstagrass Interview At NYC Rodeo Bar

Hey folks.  It’s Shannon Brown from NYC country band, Trailer Radio, keeping you posted on the country music scene in New York City!

I recently caught up with Rench, the mastermind behind the highly successful rap’n’grass band, Gangstagrass, at Rodeo Bar  in NYC. We talk about Rench’s musical influences growing up as a kid in California, his Emmy nomination for writing the theme song for the FX television series, Justified, and news about an upcoming limited edition vinyl album “GANGSTAGRASS VS. RENCH”.

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West Virginia native, Shannon Brown, was deported from WV to NYC on account of her snarky attitude and propensity toward impatience. She is now the front woman for NYC country band Trailer Radio and founder of Gotham Holler, a site that shines a light on local country music in NYC. She can’t resist shoe shopping, taking snapshots of crazy NYC happenings, scratching mini-dachshunds, taste-testing martinis, and anything that has to do with bacon.


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