Elephant Stone Album Review

Hailing from Montreal, Elephant Stone combines 60’s pop, Indian ragas, and psychedelia to make a tantalizing brew on their self-titled album.

The opener, “Setting Sun,” could be your new favorite summer song or your new favorite rock tune, or both.  “Heavy Moon” isn’t heavy at all, but it is beautiful.  Lead singer / bassist / sitarist Rishi Dhir’s vocals roll along nicely with the tight groove the rest of the band (Gab Lambert, Le Venk, Miles Duprie) puts down behind him.

The band fully embraces their love of 1960’s pop on “Hold Onto Your Soul” and “Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin,” both of which you and your hippie grandparents will love.  “A Silent Moment” is a beautiful song that morphs from psychedelic rock into traditional Indian raga and back again.  It’s a stunning track and one of the best cuts on the album.  “Looking through Baby Blue” is a straight-up psychedelic rock song and has some of the best beats on the record.

If you want straight-up raga, don’t worry.  “Sally Go Round the Sun” has Dhir shredding on his sitar while the rest of the Elephant Stone lads kill the rest.  It’s a minute and forty-five seconds of mind-blowing bliss.  There’s more sitar shredding on “The Sea of Your Mind,” which changes better than any CGI robot car you’ve seen in a Michael Bay movie from one thing (psychedelia) to another (raga).  The band slaughters on this track.

“Setting Sun” Official Video:

I read an interview with Rishi Dhir, and he mentioned that he loves to take a song one way and then kick it in another direction – sometimes without warning.  He and the rest of Elephant Stone do it well.  It makes for a great record.  This record is never what you think it is, and everything you didn’t know you wanted.



~ Nik Havert

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