Dear Mr. Billy Joe Shaver

Early this mornin’ without any warnin’

I took me a look at myself, good God

I seen how this married up life I been livin’

Was tryin’ to choke me to death

I laid on the bed with my gun to my head

And I nearly ’bout ended it all

But I come to myself just before I got killed

And I blowed me some holes in the wall

I’m thinkin’ ’bout crankin’ my ragged old truck up

And haulin’ myself into town

I’m thinkin’ ’bout raisin’ so much doggone much hell

That I’ll die ‘fore I live it all down

I lay ’round this place ’til I’m blue in the face

And I may as well be underground

I’m thinkin’ ’bout crankin’ my ragged old truck up

And haulin’ myself into town

A honky tonk man in a honky tonk band

With a honky tonk girl on my arm

I may be as ugly as an old mud-rail fence

But I’m loaded with hillbilly charm, that’s right

It’s my life and no wife of mine’s gonna tell me

I can’t go and have me some fun

So before that old heifer drives back in from Waco

You can bet your rear end I’ll be gone, long gone

Yeah I’m thinkin’ ’bout crankin’ my ragged old truck up

And haulin’ myself into town


Dear Mr. Billy Joe Shaver,

You, sir, are the topics in which the middle-of-the-road of all country and western songs are written about. You live the lifestyle, walking the fine line and living what most would call “dangerously”. I was a late bloomer in discovering your music, being only 33 years old. The songs are lyrically some of the best things ever written to paper while your voice is that of a man who has seen it all and done it all. It has a twang tone that we all can relate to in some way or fashion.  You have persevered from such a hard up-bringing to make a name for yourself.

My personal favorite song is “Ragged Old Truck” which is a narrative about a marriage gone sour and to hell with it all.  I have lived that song. It’s one of the most underrated pure honest country songs out there filled with a no-nonsense in-your-face Kiss Off.

I love hearing the stories from all the old country guys and yours (being if true or not), absolutely built on the legend that is Billy Joe Shaver. You are just as much the bad guy in a hole in the wall Honky tonk as you are the man that is in Sunday morning Church the next day. Your Gospel takes are done very well and heartfelt from an outlaw who has done it his way.

Now, a new audience has discovered the genius that is Billy Joe Shaver with the Adult Swims hit “Squidbillies,” where you do the opening theme. Rural America gets what you’re doing and how important you are to the culture. We all at Outlaw Magazine want to say we love you for who you are and what you do.

Much Respect and Best Regards,

JMR (Jason “Mater” Robinson)

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