Dead Dick Hammer at Horror Hound Weekend Indianapolis

Dead Dick Hammer and the TBA Band – live at Horror Hound Weekend Indianapolis September 08, 2012.


I can’t think of a better band to play a horror movie convention than one that has come back from the dead.

As the legend goes, Dead Dick Hammer and the TBA Band have arisen from the grave after nearly 60 years when they heard Autotuned music and corporate rock creeping into the netherworld.  Determined to stop it, they have clawed their way out of their caskets and have come to kick asses and melt faces.

Which they did at the Horror Hound Weekend horror movie convention in Indianapolis on the night of September 08, 2012.  I’d attended a few of these shows and seen other live bands at the Saturday night after-parties.  I would walk in, listen to a few tracks by some metal, goth, metal-goth, or goth-metal band and think, “Okay, I get it.” and then head out to look for zombie burlesque dancers I could flirt with or the room showing 8mm horror movies.

I’d heard a couple tracks by Dead Dick Hammer and the TBA Band in advance of the show and liked what I heard.  Their songs were wild rock tunes about graves, STD’s, murders, and naughty sex.  So, I had high hopes for the show.

I did not expect to be flattened by the power of undead rock.

Let me say right now that you must see this band live.  If I could somehow get the President to make it a national declaration of civic duty, I would.  Dead Dick Hammer is the wildest guitarist I’ve seen in years.  Imagine Hank Williams with a bit more meat on his bones singing with Glenn Danzig’s voice and shredding a guitar like a golem stitched together from the corpses of Jimi Hendrix and Elmore James.

Then add the TBA Band – Dead Doreen Laveau on bass and backing vocals and Dead Doc Kong on drums.  Laveau doesn’t bother playing with a pick when she can pluck at her bass strings like she would pluck your intestines from your stomach after it’s been torn open by undead hordes.  Kong pounds his kit like his super-sized simian namesake and I doubt an attack by machine gun-wielding biplanes could make him stop.

They ripped through eleven tracks in a blistering 40-minute set that left the audience, which grew with each song, stunned and then cheering for more.  Songs like “Res-Erection,” “Wash that Stanky Thang,” “Catfish Gravy,” and “I Won’t Hit You” were particular crowd pleasers.  Hammer would often joke with the crowd between fits of playing his guitar with a whiskey bottle or jumping off his Orange amp stack (Orange amps = sure sign a show will rock).  The closer, “Black and Blue,” left the crowd slackjawed.

They play all over the south and Midwest, so see them if you get the chance.  Don’t make them sneak up on you in the middle of the night and drag you from your bed and into the fog.  You might not make it back, but at least your tomb will have a great band in it.

The song is the title track from their album “Res-Erection.” Recorded and posted with the band’s permission by Lee Cushing.


~ Nik Havert

Nik Havert is a writer, DJ, harmonica player, martial arts instructor, comic book publisher, crime fighter,music lover, cult movie enthusiast, and modern day Renaissance man.  He hopes to shark cage dive sometime in the next few years and enjoys travel and good natural root beer.

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