David Patrick Dunn: The Voice of Outlaw

David Patrick Dunn. The Texas singer, songwriter, musician, club owner, hippie, beer connoisseur, actor, music philanthropist and alter ego of Buster Gutbucket, is the new Voice of Outlaw’s Audio Specials. He will be hosting all forthcoming Specials. He truly embodies the spirit of what we’re all about here at Outlaw Magazine.

Dunn was born and raised just south of Corpus Christi, TX  in Kingsville, a small town of great farmland and home to the King Ranch. He grew up on old school country, listening to the likes of Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Buck Owens and Charlie Pride. He started writing poetry as a youngster but would not pick up a guitar until age 25. As an adult, he spent 20 years or so moving around in the oil patch, a lot of it overseas. His love of music was always a big part of his life. In the 80’s, he owned a music store back in Kingsville, and his clientele encouraged his love for music and he began performing live around town. For inspiration, he gravitated toward great songwriters like Kristofferson, Guy Clark, Steve Earle and eventually, Townes Van Zandt.

” Listening to Townes was a big part of finally taking the plunge into performing solo,” remembers Dunn. ” I heard a live radio show when he was far from his vocal best and most likely pretty far into a bottle of something or other, and his finger-picking was a bit off, but every song he delivered still had its jaw-dropping power. So, I decided that if my songs were good enough, I didn’t have to worry about my playing and singing, and the only way to find out if they were was to do it. And the only way to get better at performing and at writing is to keep doing it.”

In 1994, Dunn moved to Austin and got into the pub business and remains to this day part owner of B.B. Rovers Cafe & Pub, a great eatery that boasts a menu that includes over 300 different kinds of beer. He has continued performing live around Texas as well as touring in different parts of the U.S.  He’s also merged his love of music with the pub business and has hosted many songwriters over the years and created Jollyville City Limits. 

“The first music at Rover’s happened not long after I moved to Austin and became part of the pub, probably summer of 1995, ” Dunn explains. ” It was a showcase for no particular reason except to play music, with lots of my friends; there were new Austin friends and some from the old music store days, who moved here before I did. It was so much fun we did it again about six months later. Then three months later, and so it went until we started having a weekly Monday showcase of songwriters, and that’s when I dubbed it Jollyville City Limits. (The pub is on Jollyville Road, and the original town of Jollyville is about a mile on the other side of the highway from us. There’s still evidence of the original Jollyville, though it was long ago swallowed up by Austin.) There was one televised show on the Austin Access Channel around 1998 I think, and it got aired a lot on that channel for a while. A couple of years ago, we did some live audio and video recordings as “Jollyville City Limits.” Some of that video can be seen by checking it out on YouTube. Currently, we refer to our Sunday open mic as Jollyville City Limits.”

With his handlebar mustache and twinkly eyes, Dunn looks like he stepped out of a Wild West movie. So, it only seems natural that he would end up in one of the biggest westerns of our time, True Grit, starring Jeff Bridges. He was picked out of 1,000 plus extras to get some face time in the final cut at the very end of the movie. Watch for him the next time you’ve got it popped into your DVD player.

Dunn’s always expanding his musical horizons as well, playing the washtub bass as his alter ego, “Buster Gutbucket” in the band Bourland, which is a country/punk/rap/bluegrass mix.  As a songwriter, his music transitions from the poignant (“Unforgiven Angel”) to the sentimental (“Tools and Tarps”) to the bustin’ out hilarious (“Armageddon Affair”). He’s committed to keeping live music going and does whatever he can, whenever he can, for local and touring musicians alike.

The Outlaw staff wholeheartedly welcomes David Patrick Dunn as the new Voice of Outlaw.

Here’s David Patrick Dunn performing at an event with Shelley King and Doctor G at  Luckenbach Texas:

Here’s Buster Gut Bucket performing with his group Bourland at

Jollyville City Limits:

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