D.W. Dasher: Salute To Our Troops

Hello there, my fellow outlaws and angels, renegades and wanderers, hippies and cowboys and cowgirls, farming friends, composters, humanitarians, soldiers, teachers, artists, rainbow warriors, laborers and patriots!  And to all of those in between – greetings from Nashville, Tennessee this Memorial Day, 2012. I feel a cheer to our military personnel and families is in good order:


For all who have fought for the Red, White, and Blue

For all who have fallen, for all who stand true

For all of your families, standing by through and through

May your passion and love for our great nation be not lost

May it leak into all of our hearts 

For it has grown at such great cost

And while I pray ALL WARS to see an END

In your honor my knee will continue to bend

I pray you never ever feel alone

For we are all still right behind you

Back here at home!


~ Daryl Wayne Dasher




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