Dan Deel – Waitin’ On A Walmart

Rutledge, TN native Dan Deel is an up and coming singer and songwriter who has played honky-tonks, bars, nursing homes, restaurants, and even living rooms. The hard, blue-collared man credits Waylon Jennings, Keith Whitley, and Eric Church as his influences. It should also be noted that he is very close with the legendary mountain family of West Virginia, the “Wild and Wonderful Whites.”

A few years back Walmart announced their intention of building a store in Deel’s small town to be completed by 2007 as part of a major town rebuilding due to flood control. The end of 2007 and 2008 came and went and there was still no Walmart. In response to Deel’s displeasure of waiting, he wrote a song called “Waitin’ on a Wal-Mart.” His song was a parody-style tune rewritten from Brad Paisley’s hit “Waitin’ on a Woman” from late 2008.  It was a small town hit. Last summer Deel went a step further and added an alter ego, “Danye East,” and  released a rap single called “We got a Wal-Mart (In Grundy),”  which did very well. Presently, Deel continues to play shows, record, and specialize in the laid-back, everyman style of country music. I propose you start here and check out his other stuff for some good down-home music.

~ Jason Robinson

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