The Dallas Moore Band – Raisin’ Hell To Heaven

Photo by Jenna Danielle Moore

When the wheels fell off the wagon I didn’t fall too far behind. Lost all sense of self control, tryin’ to free my mind…

Alive. That’s what I am.  I am watching The Dallas Moore Band sing “Crazy Again”.  They are tighter than all hell, cranking out a gritty, soulful country fever. My heart feels like a fast train. Energy is moving through me furiously,  my foot is beating out time on the floor like it’s trying to bust through a kick drum.

And well, hell, is my fist really pumping up in the air like one of my biker or redneck or hippie fella friends? Lordy. This isn’t how ladies behave, is it?

Lord have mercy on my soul I think I’m about to die. I’ve gone crazy, crazy again…

Do I care right now that I’m a singer or player, too (and thinking, “ would I play that tune?”)


In fact..Do I care right now about anything other than what I am hearing and feeling?


Well I don’t know how it started but I suspect how it’s gonna end. In the corner of a bottle with my old good time friend. Just a little way too much, I can’t seem to get enough. Lord have mercy on my soul, you know I love that stuff. I’ve gone crazy,  I’ve gone crazy again…

I love the Dallas Moore Band.

This is the music that gets in my craw in a good way, like Waylon’s “Lonesome On’ry and Mean”.  Dale Watson’s “Trucking Man”.  Janis Joplin “Piece of My Heart”.  Music that fills your soul and makes you want to CUT LOOSE. It rattles you from the inside out.

Freedom. Shake it out of me, Dallas.

He’s got the heavy stuff, too. In fact, he mixes it all up in every emotion imaginable to create one big sound that works. Every single song.

Luckenbach Texas Picker's Circle

Dallas Moore has played more Honky Tonks than he can count. He’s always moving from one show to another, no matter where and no matter what. He’s there for those in need, doing benefits and raising awareness for causes close to his heart. He’s there for the party at breakfast and for the concert at night. His band is stellar. Solid. All of the members have been with him for years and it shows in the way they instinctually move from song to song and carry the crowd with them. With Dallas Moore on vocals and guitar, Bob Rutherford on bass guitar and vocals, Chuck Morpurgo on lead guitar and Rocky Parnell on drums, you’ve got a sound so full it will blow the doors of the Honky Tonk.

I met Dallas and the guys in person when they came to a Picker’s Circle I was hosting in Luckenbach Texas earlier this year. It was family at first sight. Bob Rutherford was at a sitting at picnic table near the bar when I arrived. I was having trouble with my guitar input coming off and he jumped up and fixed it for me before I even knew who he was. He introduced himself and the rest of the band.  They all looked like they belonged right there in Luckenbach Texas. These guys are all crazy, loyal, stand-up men, consummate musicans and a whole lot of fun. From the first live song Dallas sang, he had me in his corner for life. I watched his beautiful wife Jenna steer their big ol’ band trailer into my driveway the next day like an ol’ trucker Pro. Impressive to say the least. They’d stopped by my house (I was living at the Armadillo Farm behind Luckenbach) to hang out for awhile and do a live interview for my radio show. It was a wonderful afternoon.

Since that time, I’ve moved back to Nashville and Dallas brought his band down a couple of times to perform at the weekly Roots Music series we have at the Nashville Underground on Lower Broadway every Thursday.  He’s coming back for another appearance on October 24, just before the weekend Outlaws and Icons Charity Ride & Concert in Altamont, TN. Dallas is also featured in the new book (a book you should all have) Outlaws Still At Large. Read Dave Pilot’s review of it Here.

Blessed Be The Bad Ones is the latest album by the Dallas Moore Band. It’s filled with straight up kick-ass honkytonk and southern rock and roll. It carries the energy of their live shows well. Songs like “Something’s Changed”, a soulful hearbreakbreaker, to the rousing “Texas Tornado”,  carry you through the emotions of a wise and sometimes road-weary traveler that still knows how to find passion and hope. And yes, knows how to raise hell. I say this band raises your hell right up to heaven and you can quote me on that.

Watch the video for the title track, “Blessed Be The Bad Ones”:


Below is the interview that was broadcast on my Highwaywoman Radio Show.

Get to know the Dallas Moore Band. You’ll be really glad you did. Dallas is also now an Outlaw Contributor. Read his article on The Legacy of Jody Payne (Willie Nelson’s longtime guitarist).


~ Brigitte London



Brigitte London, otherwise known as The Highwaywoman, is a Singer/Songwriter out of Austin, Texas who has recently relocated back to Nashville, TN.  She’s a poet, dreamer,crusader. She is also the host of internationally syndicated radio show, The Highwaywoman Radio Show)

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