D.A. Cole

In the 7o’s,  Commercial Radio had much more freedom and was a lot like Satellite radio is today. Back then, you could tune in to a FM dial and hear Dobie Grey singing “Drift Away” followed by The Grateful Dead’s “Friend of the Devil”. It had a much more versatile format. The young man named David Adam Cole grew up listening to the diversity of the radio in this era and that would lay the foundation for the dynamic sound of his career. David Adam Cole paid his dues as a bouncer for thirteen years, tossing out drunks and “problem causers” in over thirty different bars in New York City. During his time working the clubs and bars, he started singing and cut a single “Red Light Green Light” that became a bar anthem on the upper side of New York City.  After years of bouncing and singing all over the NYC scene,  paying his dues playing anywhere and everywhere in between, he signed a record contract under the name “David Adam Cole”.

Southern Hospitality BBQ Bar & Restaurant, which is owned by Justin Timberlake, had just opened its doors and David Adam Cole was selected to be the first artist to perform a live music concert at the new venue.  He played to an audience that included Carrie Underwood, Chase Crawford and others. The New York Post’s Page Six is one of the top entertainment sources in the country. An article was written about the opening for the new bar and printed by an incorrectly informed journalist who reported Carrie Underwood attended the show with David Allen Coe performing. The article gave no credit to David Adam Cole ,whose name sounded  similar to the country music legend.  This would be a defining turn of events that would change the up and coming singer forever. The fall out caused David Adam Cole to change his recording name to “D.A. Cole”.  Since then, he has released two EPs under this name. The most recent,  There Ain’t Nothing Like You, features the title track as an ode to the journey from the Big Apple to Guitar Town. The EP is a buffet similar to much of the cross over radio D.A. would listen to growing up, and is filled with country, soul, rock, pop, and a pinch of gospel. The two tracks that stand out to me are “Red Light, Green Light” and the title track. His theatrical soul-filled vocals shine on the entire collection.

The live show usually features D.A. accompanied by an acoustic guitarist and a female background vocalist. D.A. has played almost sixty different venues in New York and his performances have totaled over a thousand show,s including a gig at the historical Hammerstein Ballroom. From Nashville to Las Vegas to Mexico City, where he performed on live television on Mexico City’ Television Azteca. He recently opened for “the savior of true country music”, texas troubadour Dale Watson.

During a show in Nashville’s Tootsies Orchid Lounge , a beautiful woman in the crowd caught his eye. After the show,  he took the liberty to introduce himself to the shy soft spoken lady (who has now been seen on his arm), professional bull rider Melissa Glass. D.A has said he wants to “make music with possibilities of having no limits to reach a broad audience”. A new mix of his single “Playin’ On The Radio” is soon to be released on the national and international market. With the current EP as well as the upcoming release of the new single, 2012 is set to be a sensational year for D.A. Cole.

To listen and purchase the music of D.A. Cole, visit  http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/dacole2.

~Jason Robinson

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