Craig Gerdes To Release New Album Smokin’, Drinkin’ & Gamblin’

Country singer, songwriter and guitarist Craig Gerdes grew up in Central Illinois and began singing and playing guitar as a child. By age eleven, he had written his first song and was fronting his dad’s band, playing packed venues all over Central Illinois.  He developed his unique brand of old school classic country, with honest, introspective, and heartfelt songwriting. Craig tours regularly across the USA and is also an Official Artist of the groundbreaking series,  Last Honky Tonk Music Series.

Craig’s long anticipated  debut album, Smokin’, Drinkin’ and Gamblin’, will be released in 2017 and feature eight original songs, along with a Johnny Paycheck cover tune “Slide Off Your Satin Sheets”. The original song was released in 1977 and featured legendary musician Jim Vest on Steel guitar. Craig is joined by his mentor and the original steel guitar player, Jim Vest, who is featured on the album in multiples tracks.

“I’ve worked with a lot of young men, but this young man is special. Not only does he sing well, write great, but he’s got a true country music heart. He’s the kind of young man we want to help do whatever he wants to do because we know its good for country music. What a pleasure to work with this young talent.”  -Jim Vest

The album will also feature a duet with Sarah Gayle Meech & a song written by Outlaw Country artist, Dallas Moore.

Gerdes says, The title track, “Smokin’, Drinkin’ and Gamblin’, is a reference to the music business.  The Smokin’ is about the smoke and mirrors that happens, the Drinkin’ is about the drinking and substance abuse that haunts many of us, and the Gamblin’, well, there is no bigger gamble than the music business.”

In between his staff writing sessions for VMG Nashville Music Group, Craig performed over 200  band & acoustic shows in 2016, entertaining crowds across the United States with his brand of “stone cold country.”

Be on the watch for Craig’s new album.

Check out an acoustic live version of “Almost To Alabama” (featuring Mudbone)