Classic Of The Month: Strike Like Lightning


The recent passing of Lonnie Mack marked the loss of yet another ground breaking Icon in Music. Lonnie Mack was called a “Pioneer in Rock Guitar Soloing” by Rollling Stone. He was known as one of the first true guitar Heroes. His instrumentals “Wham”  and “Memphis” (back in the 60’s)  influenced many guitar legends including Duane Allman, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards and many others, most notably Stevie Ray Vaughan who brought his Hero back to the forefront in the 80’s  by introducing his fans to Mack’s talent.

Lonnie & Stevie        Photo:

Strike Like Lightning, co-produced by Stevie Ray Vaughan, was released in 1985 on legendary Chicago Blues label Alligator Records. It is an incredible piece of guitar prowess, with Vaughan joining in on a few tunes on the album, like “Double Whammy”.  Mack not only rises to the challenges Vaughan throws at him, but shines in full form and proves why he is indeed a true rock legend.

Strike Like Lightning is Outlaw Magazine’s Classic of the Month for June.

Track List:

  1. Hound Dog Man
  2. Satisfy Suzy
  3. Stop
  4. Long Way From Memphis
  5. Double Whammy
  6. Strike Like Lightning
  7. Falling Back In Love With You
  8. If You Have To Know
  9. You Ain’t Got Me
  10. 10. Oreo Cookie Blues

Some behind the scenes look at Lonnie performing with Stevie Ray Vaughan on “Oreo Cookie Blues”:

“Double Whammy”:

You can even get Strike Like Lightning on Vinyl, too! (we recommend it)!