Machismo – Or, Innocence Stripped Away


Once upon a time, this page was home to a positive review of a really good record.

But once upon a later time, the guy who made the record stole both once upon a time and innocence forever from two young girls in his care.

He’s locked up for the next 43 years.

We can’t give back once upon a time.  Nobody can.

But we can sure as hell ensure that anyone who steals it doesn’t get a kind word here.

So the review is gone.  The writer who once shook the musician’s hand is out behind the barn using kerosene and acid to try and cleanse himself.

And that’s that.

Well, except for this final thought in passing:  None of us can predict the future.  None of us can know what goes on behind closed doors.

But each of us carries the power to ensure that while in our care, the innocent and the weak and the young will always be protected.

Anyone who believes different, or who, like the guy whose work used to be lauded right here on this very URL, chooses to harm the innocent or the weak or the young, deserves far more than our presumably civilized society will allow.  Fuck that guy.  Or just put him out behind the barn, where our writer already has kerosene and acid handy.