Chris Knight: Trailer II

Chris Knight is one fine songwriter. His voice is thick with a Kentucky drawl and he’s at home with a backing band or just an acoustic guitar. One of the things I respect most about Knight’s songwriting is the honesty in it. He isn’t afraid to take his listeners over to the wrong side of the tracks, telling tales of barroom brawls, broken hearts, and beaten down dreams with small town stories of livin’ lovin’ and losin’. How could you not love that?

Back in ’96, a somewhat green Chris Knight sat down in a single wide trailer just outside of Slaughters Kentucky with a number of songs he wrote, an acoustic guitar, and friend/producer Frank Liddell and had a recording session. Part of that material was released in ’07 as The Trailer Tapes.  He finally decided to release the record because some of the songs had been leaked and the demand was high for more. I can surely understand why.  The Trailer Tapes revealed one great song after another, and now this month is the new release of Trailer II. 

Trailer II comes from the same recording session in ’96. The difference with this set of songs is that we have heard the majority of them before, but this is the chance to experience them from their origin.

In  “Leaving Souvenirs,” it is realized that even the smallest of things left behind years ago can bring back memories of love and time lost.  “Hard Edges” cuts deep. The story of a little girl named Lisa who loved to dance, turns into the woman named Tina who dances on a stage to keep the memories away and the bills paid.  “House and 90 Acres” is about a man trying to keep it together after his wife has left him and the kids. An auction sign stands in the yard. Everything he is, taken away.  In “Old Man” a son returns home to his father after a number of years, with the hindsight that they have more in common then just being stubborn, and the very things that made them the same is what drove them apart.  In “Highway Junkie,” a trucker is leavin’ dust but can’t leave a broken heart behind. Times are tough for a mother who has to break the law for the sake of her family in “Blame Me.”

Trailer II is a must have for any Knight fan, or anyone else. I’ll tell you one thing, Knight doesn’t stray from his roots and they are buried deep in soulful soil. There are many country artists out there that could take a few lessons from Chris Knight.

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~Brandy Lee Dixon

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