Canadian Rock Goddess Laura ‘L Rock

Once in awhile we are fortunate enough to cross paths with someone who exudes positive energy.  When we do we want to know more about that person.  We want to talk to that person, get close to that person, and we are drawn to soak in the message of their creative works.  Laura L’ Rock is one of those cool chicks that just shines bright and vivacious.  But like I always say  . . . never mistake kindness for weakness.  L’Rock’s strength and positive energy is as inspiring as her story and original music.

Laura was raised in St. John’s, Newfoundland.  She said, “Growing up on “The Rock” exposed me to a wide variety of bands and musicians passing through.”  These early impressions eventually led her to live in Toronto, a city rich in music culture.  She spent the next ten years singing her favorite cover tunes, until she was confronted by the reality of life and death.  Laura assumed the roll of caregiver nursing a family member while helplessly watching a good friend lose a battle for their own life.  Eventually she was led to ask the personal question, “What would be the one thing that I would regret in my life that I didn’t do on my death bed” Her answer was not playing and pursuing her original music.

Enter L’Rock!  She’s not one to hold back.  She came out full force singing from the well of her creative spirit on her debut album, Law of Attraction.  On the album, she tells it like it is on the first spin of “Light My Fuse” with such lyrics as, “Stop putting out my fire, I’ll only light it again…” Her low slung vocals resonate as if she has a right ear on Joan Osborne and the left on Lita Ford, yet when it comes out of her own breath it’s all Laura L’Rock.  On the second track, “Get Your Rock On,” she let’s us know she was born to rock, a song all upbeat music lovers can get behind. On “98.5” she continues to share her journey and “This Stays Here” tells the world she’s not putting up with anybody’s junk.  Law of Attraction keeps rockin through “You’re Bringing Me Down,” “Blindsided,” followed by “The Louder You Scream,” which just radiates sexy power from a strong woman like a female weight lifter in lacy lingerie.  Next song “Once Bitten Twice Shy” pumps up the rock in a way that Pat Benatar wishes she had done.  “Poison Lies” fire up and we get to hear Laura L’Rock’s heart and voice so clear.  It’s almost a pop ballad in a classic rock sense whipped to creaminess by a modern alternative twist.  “Come On and Kiss Me” gets sexy and erupts a fountain of raw passion continued by “Ball of Fire,” and “Make up Your Mind.” She then offers us a surprisingly different flavor on “Land Mine” and finishes with the haunting, mesmerizing title track, “Law of Attraction,” which brings us full circle like a living Yin Yang symbol.

The concept of Law of Attraction must be working, because Laura is attracting a lot of attention. Two of her songs from Law of Attraction, “Light My Fuse” and “Blindsided,” were nominated for The Hollywood Music in Media Awards. She went to LA and walked the red carpet with a-list composers, producers, songwriters and music legends honored for their contributions in film, TV, video games, movie trailers and other visual mediums.  Laura says she was very honored to have not one but two nominations and she is still riding a high from the achievement.  Of course you know by now Laura L’ Rock isn’t stopping there.

She continues to play live shows. Some shows she plays acoustic while other shows she performs with a full band. I haven’t had the privilege of seeing her live, but I must confess on her CD I was also attracted to the music as it reminded me a bit of Van Halen and The Cult.  And I was especially hooked as there are no excessively long, drawn-out intros. Laura L’Rock comes right out and strikes at the center of the heart.  If you find yourself in Canada, you should catch Laura L’Rock at The drake, Underground, the Now Lounge, or a guest appearance at other venues.  In the summer of 2012 she even opened for Canada’s sensation, Andrew Cole.  As 2012 comes to an end she is receiving airplay in the UK. Currently, she’s back in the studio working on a new CD joined once again by her producer, Brian Gagnon.  She is also collaborating on another project, writing along side Canadian composer, record producer, and musician, Norman Orenstein.  Laura L’Rock says she is looking forward to entering 2013 accompanied by a great new band and new songs to share.

Enrich your day by getting to know this positive, electrically charged Canadian artist. Enrich your life by getting Laura L’Rock’s CD, Law of Attraction at, it will keep you satisfied while you wait for her new tunes.  Don’t forget to follow her on Facebook and show some love by hitting the big fat “Like” button and give her lots of kickass comments!

“Light My Fuse” Video:

~ Babs Martin


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