Billy Joe Shaver Interview & Radio Special

Billy Joe Shaver is Outlaw Magazine’s Artist of the Month for May.  Welcome to Outlaw’s Billy Joe Shaver  Special. Billy Joe Shaver is one of the greatest songwriters in Music history. His website lists of 270 verified cover versions of songs by other artists. He’s still touring and working on new material, and has a new project coming out in July, Live At Billy Bob’s Texas.

In an Interview with Texas Artist Brigitte London, Billy Joe talks in depth about his songwriting, his son Eddy, upcoming projects, his dream songwriting partner, his legacy and so much more. From heart wrenching topics to funny stories, the interview scopes the range of human emotion and gives great insight into the man that has inspired so many and has touched the world with his music. Following the interview, you’ll hear from other artists who love the man and his music.  This special is presented by the new “voice” of Outlaw, Mr. David Patrick Dunn and was produced by Brigitte London. Other artists featured in the Outlaw Special include Many Marie Luke, Doctor G, and Bert David Newton.

Click To Listen at the Top of this page, and it will pop up in a separate window so you can continue to work as you listen.

God Bless Billy Joe Shaver.

Outlaw Staff

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