Bad Religion Album Review: True North

Do you have thirty-five minutes to spare?  If so, why not spend it blowing out your speakers to the best punk rock album I’ve heard in a long while?  Bad Religion’s newest, True North, is a great record that shows these punk legends are still masters of the game and can and will destroy all poseurs.

If you’re looking for fast, mosh pit-inducing tunes, they are here.  The title track is under two minutes and got the pit bouncing when I saw Bad Religion at Chicago’s Congress Theatre on April 05, 2013.  Drummer Brooks Wackerman goes bonkers on “Land of Endless Greed” and guitarists Brett Gurewitz, Greg Hetson, and Brian Baker run naked through the streets with him.

If you’re expecting Bad Religion’s scathing political lyrics, you won’t be disappointed.  “Robin Hood in Reverse” is all about lead singer / songwriter Greg Graffin’s hatred of the Citizens United ruling.  “Here is the church, there is the steeple, open up the doors, corporations are people…Citizens United, I was excited, when the kids are united they can never be divided, but that was yesterday, there’s a brand new sham today.”

Want a punk rock anthem?  They have it.  “Fuck You” puts it simply enough: “Sometimes it makes no sense at all.  The easiest thing to do is say fuck you.  Pavlovian rude.  A menace, too.  Pay homage to your bad attitude.”  As you can guess, it was one of the most popular songs at the Congress on April 5th.  “Nothing to Dismay,” with its chant of “No, no, no security!” will have you pumping your spiked bracelet-adorned fist.

Hungry for grooves?  Listen to Jay Bentley’s bass riff on “Dharma and the Bomb.”  The chorus is such a wicked hook that you expect they cut it off a pirate’s hand.  Want to start a mosh pit wherever you are?  Just play “My Head Is Full of Ghosts.”  Wackerman’s opening drums will get your office, local coffee shop, or Bible study group moving.

True North is a great way to spend 35 minutes, and another great addition to Bad Religion’s excellent catalogue.  Catch them on tour if you get the chance.  You won’t regret it, and you won’t regret buying this record.


Official Video for “True North”:

~ Nik Havert

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