Introduction – D.W. Dasher

Howdy folks!  My name is Daryl Dasher.  I am a Nashville based Singer/Songwriter.   I was born in rural Northwest Ohio and brought up in a musical family.  It is safe to say music was my very first love.  My Dad loved to play Folk songs on his old Kay guitar.  My mom played piano at home and sang in the church choir.  My Uncle Jon had (and still has) a Bluegrass band called “The Bottom of the Barrel Boys.”  Our record collection was eclectic to say the least.

Any time of day you could hear Chet Atkins, Roger Miller, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Dolly Parton, New Grass Revival, or Diana Ross coming from those Zenith speakers.  Every Sunday morning it was Dad’s favorite Hawaiian Ukulele Gospel record.  (Seriously, EVERY SUNDAY MORNING!)

Then came the day that I was handed down my first record, KISS: Destroyer!  (I was three years old).  Oh how life changed.  Rarely was I found anywhere but right in front of the record player from that point on.  I imagine that is why I got my very own record player (with small speakers) for Christmas that year.  My life was wrapped around music and I was lucky to have my Dad right there to teach me some guitar chords.  I was instantly addicted.  Sleeping, playing outside, eating, school work, now all were much less important than listening to music and learning to play it. Some things never change…

OH!  Then there was that very fateful day my Dad left his Waylon Jennings tape in the truck stereo.  Life would never be the same.  Commercial music now stood up to a much bigger standard in my mind.  Soon I could hardly listen to radio music as I was led down the intense road into real heartfelt Country, Folk, Rock, Reggae, Jazz, and all genres of artful music.

These milestones, my life on the road as a musician and songwriter, a little bit of Nashville news, and my heroes (especially my Honky-Tonk Heroes) are the types of things I will likely talk about in my Outlaw Magazine Blog column.  Wait… did I just say that?  Is this really happening?  Outlaw Magazine has given lil’ ole’ me my own column!  This is a huge honor for me.  And so with every entry I hope to bring you a little entertainment, maybe some inspiration, introduce you to some amazing music, or at least something positive!  Please feel free to continue any discussions via email – and on Facebook, or Twitter and THANK YOU for hanging out on OUTLAW!  You’re on the right page!

~ Daryl Wayne Dasher



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