American Royalty Album Review: Prismatic

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Oh, for what?  For discovering your new favorite make-out album – American Royalty’s Prismatic.

This five-song EP is the sexiest, grooviest, lushest electro record I’ve heard all year.  The Brooklyn-based three-piece have crafted songs that you will want stuck in your head.

“Honey & Queen,” the opener, is (in my frisky opinion) the best Get Your Freak On song of 2013.  This beats anything you have heard at any hip-hop club all year.  No one can touch the popping, snapping beats that belly dancers would love, the smoky bass, or the wicked vocals (which you’ll swear are done by two people, but really aren’t).

“Hungry” follows it with booming bass funk and a beat that sounds like they found it in the Matrix.  “Mariah” is back to the bedroom with sultry instrumentation that doesn’t so much play out of your speakers as it oozes out them.  It’s actually a blues song about a guy who screwed up a good thing with his girl, but it’s easy to miss that with those wicked synths kicking it at the 1:45 mark.

“EVO” isn’t about Emergency Vehicle Operations, but it may be about needing an ambulance on the day you either kick the habit or start a new one.  Despite the somber lyrics, it’s still a toe-tapper and has that sweaty, horny lushness to it…until those wicked drums kick down the door and get you moving.  If you’re listening this while between the sheets with that special someone, this bridge will be the part of the song where you both go from softcore to hardcore.

The EP, sadly, ends with “Change the Colors in the Sky.”  I say “sadly” because I don’t want this album to end after just five songs of sexy, groovy bliss.  You won’t either.  Mind you, “Change the Colors in the Sky” is a nice ending.  It’s the afterglow, if you will, made up of house bass, spacey synths, and percolating electro beats.

Winter will be here before you know it, and that means more time indoors and more time to find stuff to, you know, do indoors.  American Royalty has given you the soundtrack for such, ahem, activities.

~ Nik Havert





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