A Place to Bury Strangers Album Review: Worship

Do yourself a favor.  Forget everything you think you know about rock.  Clear it from your mind and turn on Worship by A Place to Bury Strangers.  Having a mind free of what you think rock should be will enable you to feel the power of this record at maximum force (and, if you dare, volume).

APTBS are sometimes categorized as a “noise rock” band, but they are far more than that.  Yes, they love volume and chaos (check out one of their live shows if you don’t believe me), but they also love shoegaze, psychedelia, goth rock, kraut rock, love songs, and Gary Numan records.

“Alone,” the album’s first track, gives you a short and sweet sample of their power.  “You Are the One” is a love song that has lead guitarist and vocalist Oliver Ackermann’s smooth, low voice doing a creepy crawl around his guitar that sounds like it’s emerging from a cocoon.

Bassist Dion Lunadon and drummer Gavin Haag kick you square in the ass at the beginning of “Mind Control” and show no mercy for the entire three minutes and fifteen seconds.  The title track is one of the best examples of APTBS’ sound – loud, morphing, creepy, and fascinating all at once.  “Fear,” believe it or not, isn’t as frightening as you think it might be.  It’s more enthralling than terrifying, as is “Dissolved,” which dissolves into lovely guitar work from Ackermann.  I’m tempted to say that “And I’m Up” has some 1950’s rockabilly beats in it and would sound like a ballad from that era if you slowed it down quite a bit, which just makes me grin.  “Slide” is a song you’d want playing on your headphones while you drive your old Indian motorcycle across the Sonoran desert.

Lundaon attempts to break a land speed record with his bass on “Why I Can’t Cry Anymore.”  “Revenge” will blast your ears off your head.  The last track, “Leaving Tomorrow,” is a sonic blast that might knock your face to the other side of your cranium if you’re not careful and will leave you wanting more from this band.

One listen to this record is all it will take for you to want more from A Place to Bury Strangers.  Just one.  Prepare to worship this record.

~ Nik Havert




Nik Havert is a writer, DJ at WSND 88.9FM University of Notre Dame, harmonica player, martial arts instructor, comic book publisher, crime fighter,music lover, cult movie enthusiast, and modern day Renaissance man.  He hopes to shark cage dive sometime in the next few years and enjoys travel and good natural root beer. Visit his web site at http://www.picklepress.net. 

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