2Country4Nashville: Too Country?

Joel and LeAnne outside their Franklin, TN home.

A few weeks ago, on a short tour out of Texas heading East, I stopped in the Nashville area for a couple of shows and to meet up with country music favorites, 2Country4Nashville. Joel and LeAnne Ulmer had sent me their music for my radio show a few months back and I flipped for them, hard.

Larger than life character Joel Ulmer exudes the energy of Country Ghosts Past. With a wardrobe that makes Porter Wagoner’s early days look dull, Joel has style, personality and a big voice with a boomin’ country sound to fill your soul. His lovely wife and duo partner, LeAnne, is ala June Carter in grace, class and humor. Her sparkly eyes and sweet twang are a perfect compliment to Joel. And chemistry? Dang, they are rather hot together.  This is a recipe for stardom in Country Music. Or, one would think…

During auditions for a CMT show, Can You Duet?, Joel and LeAnne impressed the judges round after round. But then there was a strange moment in country music. On their last round, they were told they were wonderful, but they were “TOO Country.”  Too country for country music? Yep. Too Country for Nashville. (Now you know where the name came from). However, the rest of the world has something to say about that…

With the release of their self titled album 2Country4Nashville, Joel and LeAnne have been getting airplay on Independent stations around the globe. They’re gigging nonstop in Tennessee, despite BOTH having day jobs.

They are the real deal and you can hear it for yourself on their interview for my Highwaywoman Radio Show (just push Pause on the OutlawTV video on your right before listening here):


Get a copy of their album, 2Country4Nashville, right HERE. 








~ Brigitte London



Brigitte London, otherwise known as The Highwaywoman, is a Singer/Songwriter out of Austin, Texas who has recently relocated back to Nashville, TN.  She’s a poet, dreamer,crusader. She is also the host of internationally syndicated radio show, The Highwaywoman Radio Show)www.brigittelondon.com.

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